The Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits Unite! With The Tabl

My favourite part about food blogging isn’t actually the food at all – it’s the people. I’ve met such amazing and wonderful people as a result, a lovely and unexpected side-effect of taking photos of food and writing about it.

Some of these folks include the team from the Tabl, where you can find out about the latest supperclubs, and who do such a great job of uniting the foodie community in London (their Community Founders event was pretty legendary); Toral from The Urban Kitchen, who I’ve met from various food events round town, as well as the team at Sticky Bundits.

Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the TablUrban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the Tabl

They invited me, and a few other foodies, down to Toral’s amazing flat for a little get-together earlier this month.

Toral is a Cancer nutrition expert, and a cancer survivor. Her work with The Urban Kitchen focuses around delicious and healthy food – and having salivated over pictures of her delicious meals over on her Instagram for MONTHS I was SO excited to try out some of her amazing dishes!

Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the TablUrban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the TablF0458Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the Tabl

The first salad was an Asian-pickled vegetable salad with smoked trout and Thai basil. Toral is around Borough Market most days, so all of her ingredients are so fresh, and I just loved the blend of delicious Asian flavours in this.

Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the TablUrban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the Tabl

She also served up an edamame, mushroom, peanut and kaffir lime leaf salad – again, so delicious – the peanut and mushroom gave it a creaminess that went so well with the other fresh flavours in this dish.

This event was my first meeting the lovely Chris from Sticky Bundits, but after tasting his food it definitely won’t be the last! Sticky Bundits specialise in gourmet sushi burgers, and these were absolutely out of this world. I am an absolute rice fiend, so this is my idea of heaven – and I loved the combination of flavours, as well as the use of authentic Japanese ingredients in these burgers!

Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the Tabl474Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the Tabl

For my main, I went for the Boom Cha – a Vietnamese marinated pork burger with slow cooked pork belly and Asian chutney in between delicious rice buns. It tasted even better than it looks, and was wonderful, although I think next time I’m going to go for the other one I sampled – the Okonomiyummy.

This burger really brought me back to my childhood, when my mom would make me okonomiyaki on the weekends. In this burger, the Japanese marinated chicken thighs is served with okonomiyaki sauce, kewpie mayo and pickles – insanely good.

Urban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the TablUrban Kitchen x Sticky Bundits with the Tabl

You can catch the bundits around Lower Marsh Market, but it’s worth giving them a follow to see where they’re at – I definitely recommend it!

It was such a wonderful event with great people, and there are some more fantastic events on the Tabl, so make sure you keep an eye out for the next one!

Have you ever tried a sushi burger?  Be sure to comment belowor let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

I was invited to the event, but I also have better things to do with my time then write about bad food - all opinions expressed are fully my own!
  • Jess Athorn

    It all looks delicious!! I’ve never tried a sushi burger before but they sound so cool! xx

    • Thanks Jess! If you get the chance, you definitely should – they are amazing! xx

  • Everything looks so yummy and healthy! Amazing :))

  • I’d never heard of a sushi burger but it definitely sounds interesting and great to see such healthy food being served up

  • Emily

    It’s really refreshing to find out about food I don’t know! This sounds like an amazing evening for you and Boom Cha looks seriously delicious!

    Musings & More

    • Thanks Emily! It really was – if you come across them, you should definitely try! xx