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Restaurant Review: The Sushi Bar, Phnom Penh

On our second day in Phnom Penh we headed down to The Sushi Bar.

We went to the Boeung Keng Kang, or ‘BKK’ location, surrounded by some of the best spas, bars and shopping in Phnom Penh. The area has a cosmopolitan feel, probably due to the concentration of international schools in the neighbourhood. The South-East Asian chain has several dotted around Ho Chi Minh, but only opened in Phnom Penh in 2012.

Sushi Bar Phnom Penh

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I’m usually fairly picky about my sushi – despite my limited budget. Which is why, on first sight, the front cover of the menu didn’t fill me with confidence – sushi ain’t something to joke about! A big red flag for me when I go into a sushi place is mayonnaise anywhere near the rolls – it is just unnatural,  and same goes for cream cheese in my opinion. I’m open minded and up for fusion cuisine but there are just some things you don’t mess with.

Sushi Bar PP

Luckily this wasn’t a problem at the Sushi Bar. I was really impressed with the selection – particularly with the negi tuna handrolls and the aburi, or broiled tuna sushi which I have yet to find in London.

Sushi Bar Phnom PenhI went for the sushi set A – my personal favourites were the eel and ikura (roe) as well as the salmon. I really loved my meal, but the others weren’t so keen on the scallops or the squid – they found theirs chewy to the point of inedible.

Aburi tuna

I greedily ordered the aburi tuna (centre) while the others ordered a negi handroll (left) and salmon avocado handroll (right). I  loved the aoshiso addition but again, the others weren’t a fan! All down to personal taste.

Negi TunaAnd being on holiday and all, I just had to order the negi handroll – I was getting bad food envy!


Washing it down with a few sips of the local draft beer – (Angkor), my experience at The Sushi Bar made me a very happy girl. I definitely recommend it!

Sushi Bar Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

After months of waiting, and what seemed like the longest flight ever I’m finally here! In Phnom Penh. And I’m loving it already.

Phnom Penh. CambodiaMr. A and I left dreary London on Friday night, both completely exhausted for the overnight flight to Guangzhou, China. We flew with China Southern, and I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about it. The fact that the  flight was £200 cheaper than all the other deals, combined with the news that the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight was a codeshare with China Southern really unsettled me. I’m glad on this occasion that I was proven wrong – the whole experience exceeded my expectations and left me pleasantly surprised, which is always nice!

After a three hour stopover (filled with awesome dumplings and Chinese green tea) we arrived in Phnom Penh at half eleven in the evening. The visa application process was smooth, although I do recommend that if you’re intending to go to bring along a passport photo to save yourself another queue.

Today we woke up at the crack of dawn to get the most out of the day, but ended up taking it fairly easy. I’d arrived the night before in a thick coat, wool tights and leather ankle boots so I’m still having to adjust to the heat! We had a lazy day of going to the local market to get fruit, walking around, drinking fresh coconut, swimming and soaking up some sun.

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

We passed the Royal Palace (above) on our way to the market. The palace faces the riverbank, right where the Tonle Sap river meets the Mekong.

Tonle Sap Riverbank Phnom PenhThe local market was full of the weird and wonderful. I’m so excited to try out all the fruit – some of which I’ve never even seen before.

2014-03-15 23.35.36 2014-03-15 23.45.32

My favourite so far are the teeny bananas. They call them ‘chicken egg’ bananas, which I love! I finished off the day by having a barbecue and catching up with old friends. Not very adventurous, I know – I’m dying to try the local cuisine. I wasn’t pleased when I popped into the supermarket to see this sign: definitely not what I came here for!

Waitrose Phnom PenhI’m so excited and happy that I can’t sleep! I guess I’ll just have to get stuck in and get on with some research – I have a very important appointment tomorrow.