The Morning of the Living Dead: Zombie Evacuation Race

If you asked me two months ago what I’d be doing the morning of the 1st of November, I would’ve probably said I’d be nursing a hangover and trying to get fake blood out of my clothes.

Zombie evacuation run Zombie evacuation race Zombie evacuation race Zombie evacuation raceZombie evacuation race

The fact that I ended up doing the opposite shocked almost everyone I know – vanilla protein smoothie at 6am, then a 5k run? Doesn’t sound like me at all. After a quiet, but really interesting halloween at the Giovanni Battista Moroni lecture and exhibition, I headed to bed early to rise on All Saint’s Day in time to make the Zombie evacuation race at Allianz Park.

Vanilla protein smoothie

Walking through the wooded area surrounding Allianz Park was probably one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. Walking through a field on a misty morning, with soldiers directing you, while the x-files theme was in the air… mildly terrifying. But perhaps not as terrifying as the thought of running 5k, being chased by zombies.

zombie evacuation racezombie evacuation racezombie evacuation race

Once we’d registered, we were given tags to time us, and a soldier explained to us our predicament – the Zombie apocalypse was upon us, and our only way out was to outrun the zombies in order to survive. We ran through woodland and fields, ducked under barbed wire, through dark rooms and various abandoned buildings. Once we were done, my legs were sore and my voice was so hoarse from all the screaming but it was so much fun. I’m definitely aiming to go again next year! One thing worth mentioning was that it was quite intense. At one point, I saw a woman in tears in a muddy puddle, while her boyfriend picked her up. I was really surprised to see they were both wearing jeans – either they were unsuspecting park users, who’d unknowingly stumbled into this living nightmare, or they were ridiculously unprepared. If you do go next year, be sure to wear proper clothing – and if possible, no shorts, as those in shorts ended up getting cut up quite a bit by the brambles.

zombie evacuation racezombie evacuation race

The lovely people at Currys gave us some wearable tech for us to try out – I tried the Withings Pulse Ox, which synced to my iPhone. It measured around 10,000 steps for the duration of the race.

Withings Pulse oXWithings pulse ox

Unfortunately, I didn’t survive. In the very last stretch of the race – running across the field at Allianz Park, I lost my last life to two very big rugby zombies. Which is a fair estimation of how I’d fare in a real zombie apocalypse, I’d imagine. I managed to get as far as I did with the help from Jess, from Look What I Got, who took one for the team and acted as our human shield by taking selfies with some of the zombies (she had lost her lives at this point!), April from Hello April and Anna, who’s already written up her post which you can check out here!

zombie evacuation racezombie evacuation race

It was an amazing day, getting to see a few familiar faces and meeting some new ones too (like Olivia and Eliza!). I guess nothing brings people together quite like an apocalypse!