The Mansion and Miss Sarawan

Later on during our stay we went out to have a few drinks at The Mansion, one street away from the royal palace. ‘The Mansion’ is an old French colonial building that has had many uses over the years, but is now a charmingly dilapidated venue and bar.

2014-03-29 20.31.11We were there to see Krawan Sarawan, or Miss Sarawan, a Khmer and Western fusion band with a sixties vibe. We had several good tips during our trip regarding gigs and nightlife from Leng Pleng, a guide to live music and DJ events in Cambodia. The band were great – so much fun and had a great sound, look and energy. The lead singers are twins which makes things even more trippy and interesting. I’ve had a look for them online but I can’t seem to find anything – so I guess you’ll just have to go see them yourself!

2014-03-29 20.39.12

And, of course, the review of the cocktails: I’m afraid to say that I tried the ‘Passionate Englishman’, loved it and didn’t try anything else the rest of the evening. The mixture of gin, passionfruit, vanilla and apple syrup and lime was too good to resist. Mr A had something called ‘Penicillin’ which contained absinthe and tasted like whiskey and nail polish remover – both things I hate the smell of!

2014-03-29 20.39.56 2014-03-29 20.44.56 2014-03-29 21.22.21The evening was definitely a highlight in terms of nightlife in Phnom Penh – if you get the chance to see Krawan Sarawan or head to The Mansion, please do! I’ll be green with envy.