The last of Cornwall – for now

My last few days in Cornwall went by so quickly – I was having too much fun, and then the chaos and organization required from a family wedding (even if you aren’t part of the wedding party) made the time fly by. However, I managed to get in a visit to St. Michael’s Mount, a gorgeous tidal island, as well as a day at the beach, spent at Praa sands where I worked on my tan (something I never thought I’d say in England)!St Michaels Mount, Cornwall St Michaels Mount St Michaels Mount Praa sands

Another Cornish landmark is Tintagel, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. While stunning, even on an overcast day I definitely do not recommend it for those with a fear of heights – I was petrified on the walk down the steep stone steps, which I only managed to brave for the view.

Tintagel, Cornwall Tintagel, Cornwall Tintagel, Cornwall Tintagel, Cornwall Tintagel, Cornwall

And of course, no visit to Cornwall would be complete without sampling a Cornish pasty – their equivalent to an empanada. The Cornish used to fill half the pasty with a savory filling, like meat and potatoes and have jam in the other half, which they would split in half while they were down the mines so they could have lunch and dessert, also! A fun idea, I’m not sure I’m sold on the whole sweet and salty thing..

Cornish pasty

Mine was filled with meat and potato and was absolutely delicious, like everything in Cornwall seems to be! I’m half tempted to leave London, train up as a sushi chef and open up my own izakaya there with all the fresh fish and produce they have on offer. Thoughts?

Cornwall you were an absolute treat, and I will be back!