JIZAI by Haruo Mitsuta

Last week I was invited to a private view at the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation for Jizai, an exhibition of the work of Haruo Mitsuta.

Jizai Okimono (“articulated animals”) are flexible animal figures made from metal, which can replicate the movements of the original animals. Originally they were made by armourers in the late Edo and the Meiji period – Mitsuta is the only contemporary artist making them, based on the concept of 金属による命の再現 (Reproduction of life with metal).

It was incredible to see them – so intricate and realistic. Such a contrast to see something that looks so delicate made out of a strong substance.

There is an artist talk on the 10th of May, and the exhibition is on until the 14th – you can find out more here.

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