Muji Mania

Muji Mania

Muji is one of my favourite brands.

It’s funny, really, because ‘Muji’ is short for ‘Mujirushi Ryohin’ – which means unbranded, high quality goods in Japanese. Muji’s minimalist and Scandinavian inspired design, along with its emphasis on recycling has made the brand a hit in the west. Everything I’ve tried from Muji has been of such a high quality and standard – including personal care products, stationery and clothing. I’ve never been disappointed in anything I’ve purchased from them and they have lasted years.

At the moment I’m coveting Muji furniture, which is aesthetically pleasing as well as being practical. My ikea wardrobe is now falling at the seams and leaning like the tower of Pisa so I’m looking forward to making a new addition to my room soon!

Muji makeup

One of my favourite Muji products is their range of bath salts. This rose scented one is my favourite, and smells divine. They also do an amazing range of scented candles and oil burners. These clear plastic drawers are also perfect for storing makeup and are guaranteed to go with any interior, while great for organising your collection.