October Glossybox Review

Hard to believe that my six-month Glossybox subscription has come to an end – how did that happen?!

October Glossybox review

I’ve absolutely loved having these packages arrive at the beginning of each month – its given me something to look forward to. As my subscription has coming to an end, I was really excited for this box- especially as Glossybox have recently changed their rules. Although I’ve managed to accumulate the 1,000 points you need to get your free box, you need to have a rolling subscription, so now I’ve got 1,000 glossybox points worth of feedback that I’ve given – but will get nothing to show for it.

I don’t like writing negative reviews of any kind – in fact, this is my first on my blog. As my last box, I was probably holding it to a high standard, but I feel as though this month I was let down.

First of all – the packaging. I know other beauty bloggers have raved about it, but I find it garish. I’ve used my past boxes to store makeup (or cables…) but I am not a fan of this at all, which is such a shame because they’ve been so spot on with their packaging previously.

Secondly, the contents. I’ve always found something I’ve liked but this was so unexciting!

ciate paint pot black

The first product was the Ciate paint pot. The formula goes on smoothly, and has a nice glossy effect. Unfortunately my nail polish was black – and as a girl who owns very few items of clothing in colours other than black, I don’t tend to wear black nail polish as I think it’s overkill. I know, however, that it works on others – but given the fashion and style choices I’d made on my Glossybox account, I’m surprised that this was the colour I ended up with.

rimmelYves Rocher perfume

Next was the Rimmel London BB Cream Matte, and Yves Rocher France Quelques Notes d’Amour perfume. While I like both of these products, the size of the products were really disappointing.

Basically my reaction to the teeny tiny samples.

They’ll be good for travelling, I guess?

My favourite product in the box was the Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute. I’m a massive fan of Nuxe (see my French pharmacy post for proof), and have used this previously, and I really like it. So perhaps I’m being unfair, especially as this was a full sized product, but it was the only redeeming product for me this month, and the only one I would buy myself.

Nuxe maskNuxe face mask

The other full sized product was the Etre Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel. Practical, does the job – nothing special.

etre belle

The product that really let the box down in my opinion was, surprisingly, from So Susan. I really liked the Universal Blush that came in my June Glossybox, so I had high hopes for the So Susan Cosmetics Flutter Mascara – especially as I liked the packaging so much! I tried the mascara for a week, and every day without fail, I ended up a work with panda eyes. The brush seemed to scrape against my eyelashes, which made me cringe. The formula also smeared really easily and was unbelievably messy.

So Susan mascara

It’s really a shame that this month’s box was such a dud for me – but I think the team behind it must have a tough job choosing the products to appeal to a wide audience.

All in all, I love the subscription format – and I’d definitely consider trying another subscription box service in the future. Any recommendations? What did you think of October’s Glossybox?

Stars and Stripes – July Glossybox Review

We’re feeling the heat in London at the moment, and despite having lived in hotter countries I am finding myself wilting! The biggest shock was the fact that it is currently six degrees hotter than it is in LA and New York, where the rest of my family are at the moment. I’ve been keeping makeup minimal, sticking only to sunscreen as anything else will inevitably slide off  of my face.

The beginning of July always makes me a bit homesick for America, where I grew up – especially as my birthday is a few days before the biggest celebration over there, the fourth of July. This month’s glossybox was 4th of July themed, and full of classic American products that I really enjoyed! I’ve also had a bit more time to have a look at last month’s glossybox, and the So Susan blush, the eyeshadow brush and the Got2b texturising cream have all become part of my daily makeup routine.

The July glossybox came in an adorable stars and stripes box. July Glossybox July glossybox

I can see the adorable boxes becoming a bit of an issue. I’ve started to use them to keep things in – a few bits and bobs, because they are so useful and pretty but I’m sure will come to annoy Mr. A as my collection grows!

I had five products in my glossybox this month, starting with the Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in Cat Walk.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick Bellapierre cosmetics lipstick in Cat Walk

Although described in the box as a cult American favourite, I’d never heard of this brand before. This lipstick provides sun protection, and is a really lovely colour. I am terrified of lipsticks and tend to stick to nude hues but getting one in a glossybox forces me to try one – and I’m a convert! Mr. A, who isn’t a fan of lipsticks (and is also oblivious to makeup) noticed and approved so it must be good! In this photo I’m wearing Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara, Bellepierre Lipstick and Chanel Pressed Powder to reduce shine.
Absolute New York Primer

The next item in my box was an eyeshadow primer from Absolute New York. I don’t wear eyeshadow on a day to day basis so I was originally a tad disappointed, until I read that this can be used alone to neutralise redness and brighten eyes, too! Huzzah!


Carmex lipbalm is iconic and a staple. It’s dependable, and smells amazing too. However this was the dud in the box this month. Carmex, really? I wasn’t impressed. I got Carmex on an airplane once. Step it up, Glossybox!

Color Club Glossy Seal Color Club Glossy Seal Color Club Glossy Seal

The next item was a lovely nail polish from Color Club in Glossy Seal. It was a deep and rich colour that went on smoothly. Even though I’m more of a gel nails girl I’ll definitely be wearing this on my weeks between gel manicures!

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

Last but not least is the Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara. I’ve never tried any Mary Kay products before, and I love this mascara – it has a clean, smooth application and a great formula. Winning combination!

All in all I’ve been very pleased with my USA themed glossybox this month – anyone else feel the same? I also couldn’t finish the post without a cheesy America themed picture of myself (with all the glossybox products on my face!)

July glossybox yankees

June glossybox and other birthday treats

On Tuesday I turned 23, and despite having to go into work I had an absolutely lovely day. Any day with baked camembert is good in my opinion, but getting lots of lovely notes and phonecalls made it even better. Friends and relatives had definitely caught onto the fact that I was angling for a standing mixer, as I received THREE separate electric/manual/standing mixers that it all got a bit awkward!

Part of Mr. A’s gift for me was a Glossybox subscription, something I’d been coveting for quite a while. For those of you who might not be familiar with the concept, Glossybox is a monthy subscription service where you are sent a box full of sample and full sized beauty products. Everything in the box is a surprise, but can be tailored to suit your tastes on the website. I’d already heard so much about it that I was really excited when this arrived the next day!2014-07-03 03.58.09-2June Glossybox

Mr. A didn’t get round to filling out my ‘profile’ (probably so he wouldn’t go insane  – I can just imagine him trying to figure out where the T-zone is!) so my first box isn’t as ‘tailored’ to my specific tastes as the next few will be. June Glossybox

I can already tell I am a sucker for this. Cute presentation and the samples are adorable! This month, I received:

June glossyboxJune glossybox

Top: Nailgirls 3-in-1 base/topcoat and nail strengthener 

I’m really intrigued by this, as I have heard a lot about this brand, and its a full size sample! Unfortunately I’m a very lazy person and I usually give myself a gel manicure at the beginning of the month which lasts me a few weeks so I’ll have to wait to give my opinion on this later in July.

Got2b rise ‘n shine souffle

I might have the most uncooperative hair in the entire world. It’s unbelievably thick, and it can never successfully hold a style. While I was a student at university I spent countless hours and a lot of money getting my hair done for a ball (‘Blair Waldorf hair’ as the hairdresser had said at the time), only for it to retake its natural shape and style an hour later so it looked like I had missed the appointment I’d been going on about for ages. So while this product smells lovely I’m afraid it too, has not been able to conquer or style the amazon that lies on my scalp.

So Susan Universal Blush

I am seriously skeptical about the whole ‘one size fits all’ approach that seems to be happening in makeup recently. I still haven’t found a BB cream I absolutely love, and I highly doubt any product can truly suit all complexions. This blush is slightly darker than I’m used to, and I’m looking forward to using this for contouring. It’s got a slight shimmer so it would be great to liven up a matte look.

TeeezTrend Cosmetics Flat Stiff Brush

Despite having a brush for everything possible I seem to only own the eyeshadow brush that came with my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes set. Not only is this brush one of the prettiest I now own, its bristles are stiffer making it perfect for blending – the application is a lot smoother. Definite fan!

Roger&Gallet Fleur de Figuer discovery ritual

I do love Roger and Gallet but this sample seems to be a bit flimsy! While the perfume sample smells divine, I’ll be saving the shower and body cream for a holiday.

All in all I’ve absolutely loved my glossybox this month, and I’ve really enjoyed taking the photos with my new 50mm lens and lightbox courtesy of some very lovely people!