WAH Nails

For my birthday this year my amazing colleagues surprised me with a ‘Treat Yo Self’ package from WAH Nails.

WAH Nails

For those of you who don’t know WAH, its basically nail heaven. I’ve probably spent hours of my life on their Instagram account – they have some seriously talented artists working there.

A post shared by WAH Nails London (@wahnails) on

A post shared by WAH Nails London (@wahnails) on

Needless to say I was beyond excited about my visit – especially as the Treat Yo Self package also includes a glass of bubbly, and a WAH gift.

WAH Nails

My advice for your visit to WAH – come prepared. I usually go into a nail salon not really knowing what I want, and end up choosing a colour on a whim – it usually works out. This isn’t the case at WAH at all – luckily, I arrived 15 minutes early to my appointment and had time to have a browse through their Instagram feed, but everyone comes prepared. It’s because it really isn’t your usual nail salon – the artists are so talented, and are capable of doing so much – you’re not there to just get French tips. I found the choice totally overwhelming, and I’ll definitely come better prepared next time!

I ended up going for gel nails, with foils in three different colours and was in love with the result.

WAH NailsWAH NailsWAH Nails

It’s been over three weeks now, and my manicure has lasted through Wilderness festival, a weekend of outdoor swimming, and all the cooking I do on a regular basis. I don’t know what witchcraft they have going on there, but it’s so worth it.

WAH NailsWAH Nails

As for my gift, I ended up with a couple of cute new WAH branded polishes, and a set of cute press ons (perfect for when I get the gels removed).

While it’s a little too pricey to be my usual spot, I’d definitely recommend the experience for a special occasion – it’s so worth it!

Have you been to WAH? What were your thoughts? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram

Winter Beauty

When did it suddenly get so cold? It seemed like only yesterday I was getting out my summer dresses, and now I’m huddled under my duvet covers with several layers on.

I always find these months trickier when it comes to product – my skin is constantly dry, my hair doesn’t cooperate, and a lot of the products I own are far too shimmery for a colder climate. I’ve been changing things up a bit, though, and getting out of my comfort zone a little.


I dyed my hair for the very first time recently – a balayage dip dye in a coppery shade several shades lighter than my own. It was quite a departure for me, and I don’t think I’m particularly good at all the upkeep, but I really like it.

Tangle Teezer

I’ve been using Tangle Teezers* for years, and absolutely love them. My only real complaint before was the fact that my hair, which is really thick, would make them split and crack open after a while. I was really happy to hear that they had come out with a Thick & Curly range, which has been great – I’ve been using it every day since I got mine, and it’s been really great.

Tangle Teezer Thick and CurlyTangle Teezer Blowdry

They’ve also released a special brush for blowdrying, which has been amazing. The different length of the bristles, as well as having a handle so I’m not putting too much heat on my hand has really made a difference. Balayage or dip-dyeing your hair can make it pretty dry at the ends, and being able to brush through it smoothly is really important – they are my favourite hairbrush brand, without a doubt.

Tangle Teezer Blowdry and Thick and CurlyTangle Teezer Blowdry

BareMinerals BarePro Foundation

I always struggle with foundations in the winter months – my skin is already dry, so suffocating it further under a layer of warpaint seems like a pretty bad move. I’ve loved BareMinerals’ foundation powders for a while – it’s breathable, and provides my ideal level of coverage. I really like the BarePro* – like all of their brushes, it comes with one that is compact and works really well. You really need a decent primer with their products, but I’m alway so surprised at the end of the day when I’m taking my makeup off how much foundation there still is.

Bare Minerals Bare Pro FoundationBare Minerals Bare Pro FoundationBare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation

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Kylie Lipkit in Candy K

Never thought that I’d include a product from the Kardashian clan empire on a roundup, but my god, this product is *actually* good. I finally caved after I kept on asking various friends what lipstick they were wearing. It’s quite drying, yes, but the lip kit – which comes with matte lipgloss and a lip liner does not budge. I think they made it with some kind of black magic. It is actually incredible – don’t be put off by the brand.

Kylie Jenner Lipkit

What are some of your beauty favourites this winter? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

The Chelsea Day Spa, King’s Road

The last few weeks have been absolutely manic – I’ve been rushed off of my feet at work, and then I’ve also got several projects on the go at once, so when Lili from Beauty and the Snob asked if I’d like to pop down for a mini pampering session at The Chelsea Day Spa, I jumped at the chance!

Chelsea Day SpaChelsea Day SpaThe Chelsea Day Spa on the King’s Road, which is one of my favourite places to go to (their charity shops are amazing!)

The spa is located up some teeny stairs – it’s a very small little salon, but I was excited about big hair and some killer nails.

Chelsea Day SpaChelsea Day SpaI’m always slightly wary of trying new salons and blowdries – my hair is so thick that it rarely holds a curl for very long (and on more than one occasion, the stylist has complained of arm ache).

Being London, of course I stumbled across a familiar face – Michaela, who had done my hair previously at Blo in Covent Garden! I knew my locks were in safe hands, as Michaela is a very talented lady.

Chelsea Day Spa - Blow Dry I think she did an absolutely incredible job – and my blowdry lasted three days, which for me is unheard of – mine usually last a day at most!

I was also booked in for a manicure, and opted for the Jessica in Ocean Bloom. I loved the colour, but was also really impressed with the manicure – I’m a terrible one for chipped nails (I usually use a gel polish) but these were really long-lasting, and I was chip-free for ten days.

Chelsea Day Spa - ManicureChelsea Day Spa - ManicureChelsea Day Spa - Manicure I was really pleased with the results – and the fact that it lasted as long was proof enough to me that The Chelsea Day Spa is good value for money.

Chocolate Martinis, Farfetch Curate FoodThis was taken a week later – still in good shape!

The whole experience was really quick, and if you’re in the neighbourhood for a good quality, fast blowdry and manicure I’d definitely recommend it. If you’re looking for a leisurely or relaxing experience, I wouldn’t be able to recommend it as I didn’t try it, but for a reliable, efficient and longlasting blowdry I’d definitely recommend!

Have you been to a blowdry bar? Where’s your favourite? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

I was invited to the Chelsea Day Spa for the purposes of review – all opinions my own.

Beauty Favourites 2016

It seems like years since I did a beauty-related post. I was thinking of gradually phasing them out, as I am always doing the same thing when it comes to makeup (black winged eyeliner, nude lip) – but I picked up a few pieces in Japan that I am absolutely loving, and have been dying to share!

Islandbell February Favourites: Creer Beaute Japan Sailor Moon Liquid Eyeliner, Vivienne Westwood Boudoir, Leighton Denny Top That, My Melody Time Secret PowderIslandbell February Favourites:Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

I clearly couldn’t leave this liquid eyeliner behind in the drugstore, especially given the fact that at one point, I owned all of the Sailor Moon baton wand things. I have really been loving this eyeliner – it’s well pigmented, and the brush means that depending on the angle, it can be as thick or as thin as I want it to be. Unfortunately I picked this one up in Japan, but I’ve managed to find one that delivers to the UK here.

Islandbell February Favourites: Creer Beaute Japan Sailor Moon Liquid EyelinerVivienne Westwood Boudoir

I’ve definitely mentioned this in a previous post, but my boyfriend recently repurchased me this perfume as part of my Christmas present and I love it. It smells like roses, freesia, and has a touch of tobacco too, which makes it so unusual – and it looks lovely on my dressing table!

Islandbell February Favourites: Vivienne Westwood BoudoirLeighton Denny Top That

This kit makes any nail polish into a gel polish, which is so great, as I don’t want to have to buy a whole load of other colours! While it isn’t as long lasting as the real thing, it definitely adds another week to my manicure – and as chipped nails are my pet peeve, anything that makes it more durable is a winner in my book.

Islandbell February Favourites: Leighton Denny Top ThatMy Melody x Little Twin Stars Time Secret UV Powder

Islandbell February Favourites: My Melody x Little Twin Stars Time Secret PowderIslandbell February Favourites: My Melody x Little Twin Stars Time Secret PowderIslandbell February Favourites: My Melody and LIttle Twin Stars Time Secret PowderAs someone with yellow-toned skin, this Time Secret mineral UV powder has been wonderful, especially over foundation. It feels light, and has great coverage without being cakey. Again, this is another one I picked up in Tokyo, but you might be able to find it at Rakuten.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24-hour Eyeshadow

Islandbell Feburary Favourites 24 Hour TattooI love the Colour Tattoo eyeshadows – they last so long, and both Timeless Black and Chocolate Suede are so dark and pigmented, but really wearable. I’ve tried some cream eyeshadows from Mac and other higher-end brands, but I actually think these are better – and for £4.99 each you can’t beat them in terms of value.

Eyelash Extensions

Ever since I first tried them in October, I’ve been obsessed with eyelash extensions – mostly because they save so much time in the mornings (and anything that will give me an extra 20 minutes of shut-eye, I’m in favour of). My last ones lasted three months, as I didn’t wear any eyeshadow and took good care of them – my current ones I’ve had on for a month now, and I’ve received so many compliments on them that I definitely recommend trying them at least once! I’ve been keeping an eye out for good deals, but I’m definitely a fan – I’m wearing them in the photo below.

Menai Strait RIB RideWhat are some of your recent beauty favourites? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

Blogger Secret Santa with Just My Look

I’m more than slightly obsessed with Christmas, and my favourite part about the season is giving presents. I like to think I’m a pretty good gift-giver – I like to put a lot of thought in all my gifts, and its definitely my favourite part of Christmas day!

JustMyLook Secret Santa, NoelI also love my beauty products, too, so when JustMyLook asked if I’d like to take part in their blogger secret santa challenge I couldn’t resist!

Noel Christmas OrnamentsJustMyLook offer your favourite drugstore makeup products like Revlon, Maybelline, OPI, Rimmel and more at a seriously discounted rate. The best part? They also offer free shipping to UK addresses, too! I’ve found some of my drugstore favourites like the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation with up to £2 off, and MaxFactor mascaras up to £4 cheaper than in Boots or Superdrug. Amazing!

Noel Christmas Ornaments, JustMyLook.co.uk Secret SantaThe team at JustMyLook gave me £20 to play with, and a 10% off code to put together a nice package for my Secret Santa. I was lucky enough to get paired up with someone I know quite well from blogging, and who is really lovely, so I wanted to put an extra nice gift together for her.

JustMyLook.Co.UK Secret Santa: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, OPI Pink-Ing of You and Max Factor Glide & Define Eyeliner, W7 Contouring KitIn terms of her look, she’s what I’d call an English Rose – she has a very fair complexion, so I wanted to go for a very simple and classic look. She also mentioned that she has quite sensitive skin, so I didn’t want to go for anything too glittery that might irritate her skin. Wanting to add a personal touch to the gift, I went with a few of my everyday beauty staples.

JustMyLook.Co.UK Secret Santa: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, OPI Pink-Ing of You and Max Factor Glide & Define Eyeliner, W7 Contouring KitJustMyLook.Co.UK Secret Santa: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, OPI Pink-Ing of You and Max Factor Glide & Define EyelinerI’m a massive fan of liquid eyeliner – my signature look is a cat-eye flick, and I really love using the MaxFactor Glide and Define Eyeliner. My favourite drugstore mascara is the Maybelline Lash Sensational, so those went in the basket – along with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

JustMyLook.Co.UK Secret Santa: Maybelline Lash Sensational MascaraJustMyLook.Co.UK Secret Santa: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, OPI Pink-Ing of You and Max Factor Glide & Define EyelinerI find that even higher end setting powders really can’t compete with the Rimmel Stay Matte in terms of quality or value, and I have been through a fair few cakes of this!

I wanted to include something with a little bit of colour, so I added a bottle of OPI’s Pinking of You nail polish. It’s a really pretty pink colour, and with a donation going to breast cancer charities with every purchase, I couldn’t resist!

JustMyLook.Co.UK Secret Santa: OPI Pink-Ing of YouMy Secret Santa mentioned in her note that she hadn’t tried contouring before – and so I included the last item on the list – the W7 Catwalk contour palette. This is the only product that I hadn’t tried before, but I was really keen to get her a cream contour palette, as I think they are much more effective than powder! I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit, and hardly use it, always reaching for my BeautyUK cream-based contour palette – so fingers crossed that the W7 version is a good one!

JustMyLook.Co.UK Secret Santa: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, OPI Pink-Ing of You and Max Factor Glide & Define EyelinerI’ll be away until early January, so I won’t be able to see what I got just yet, but I’m so excited! Something to look forward to when I’m back.

Thanks, JustMyLook, for this opportunity – you’ve got a new fan!

Although I was reimbursed for the cost of the gifts, all opinions are fully my own.

Did you take part in a secret santa this year? What did you get? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook or Instagram!