Riga, Latvia

After a wonderful stay in Tallinn, we bundled into our hire car to continue our tour of the Baltics – next stop, Riga.

Riga, LatviaRiga, Latvia6-23 13.33.50Riga, Latvia

The Latvian capital was only just under a four hour’s drive from Tallinn. We had arrived at quite an eventful time – there was so much going on as the city was preparing for midsummer. One of the things I immediately loved about Riga was the attention to detail on all the buildings – the architecture was stunning.

Riga, LatviaRiga, Latvia

The midsummer celebrations were a lot of fun – I was probably the only person without flowers in my hair, and they lit a massive bonfire.

Riga, Latvia9Riga, Latvia25.13Riga, Latvia

My favourite part of the city was without a doubt the Art Nouveau district – streets after streets of incredible architecture, really stunning.

Riga, LatviaRiga, Latvia16.19.38Riga, LatviaRiga, Latvia

Not having had the inside knowledge we’d managed to get for Tallinn, a lot of our meals out were a bit hit-and-miss, but we had one really nice one at 1221 Restorans.

Riga, LatviaRiga, LatviaRiga, LatviaRiga, LatviaRiga, LatviaRiga, Latvia

The few days we spent in Riga were lovely, although Midsummer meant that a lot of the places we would’ve liked to see were closed. Luckily, its a lovely city for walking around in, and really easy to get around. They also seem to have the most well-managed Twitter account of any tourism board I’ve come across, who were super helpful and quick to respond!

My only disappointment of the trip was the old aerodrome. Having seen photos all over Pinterest and fallen in love, I’d enquired (via Twitter) whether or not it was open. Having made everyone get in the car and drive for 45 minutes, we arrived and open it most certainly was not – it was boarded up completely, and looked like it had been for some time. Oops.

Other than that, I had a great time in Riga, and would love to go back to explore further!

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  • This brought back some great memories of when I went years ago – we even got to eat in a hotel where you wear a straitjacket! Would love to return and see the Art Nouveau district

    • In a straitjacket?! That sounds amazing! I loved the Art Nouveau district, was really lovely place to wander around! x

      • Sanita

        Im originally from Latvia who loves visiting Japan every year. (and traveling as you do)
        Im sorry to hear that most places where not open when you visited as midsummer is a big deal in Latvia 🙂 Its a bank holiday too so folks can’t wait for the 3 day festive period 🙂
        I live in Art Nouveau district and Im glad you liked it a lot. I wish I knew you where in town, I would love to show you around 🙂

        • erin.niimi

          Hi Sanita, thank you so much for your kind words! I completely understand why it was closed, it was a beautiful time of year to go and I’m so glad I experienced midsummer! 🙂

  • Latvia is not somewhere I’ve considered visiting before but wow Riga looks stunning! I love walking so it looks like the perfect city break xx

    • It was such a lovely few days, and so unexpected too – I loved travelling round the Baltics! x