Rennie Happy Eating with SORTEDfood

For me, one of the best things I’ve discovered about blogging is the people, and the community that comes with it. It’s the food blogging community in particular – I absolutely love going to food blogger events, where I’m surrounded by people who get as excited as I do about restaurants, food trends, and unusual flavour combinations. The fact that no one groans or rolls their eyes when I get my camera out is a massive bonus too!

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food
Which is why I was so excited when I was invited by the lovely team at Rennie to attend their #RennieHappyEating event in Shoreditch. I always love attending food blogger events, but it was even more exciting as I would get the chance to meet the boys behind SORTEDfood.

SORTEDfood started out as a few guys recreating recipes and sharing their experiences on their YouTube channel. They’ve managed to grow it into a community of its own – a place where foodies can share their favourite recipes, and get stuck in.

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food: CanapesRennie Happy Eating with Sorted FoodWhen you get the chance to sample some food from the foodie YouTube experts, you don’t really say no. So, despite having gotten off of a plane a mere ten hours before, I headed down to Shoreditch to find out a little bit more.

Just when I had gotten outside of the venue, my heart completely sank. A group of girls were clustered around the entrance, and assuming that they were also in for the same event, I began debating on whether or not I should go in at all – I was older than all of them by about ten years. Thankfully, these girls were all waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer who happened to be recording at the same place, and once I got in I was greeted by an assortment of glittery gin cocktails, delicious canapes and people my own age. Result!

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food: CanapesRennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food: Glittery Cocktail
Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food: Glittery gin fizz

I caught up with some old friends, and made some new ones before the SORTEDfood boys took to the stage. (stove?)

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted FoodRennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food
As expected, they were hilarious – full of energy and as great to watch live as they are on YouTube! The first dish they prepared was an asian-inspired fried chicken dish with pandan pancakes. The pandan extract gave these such an unusual colour, and it was an inspired take on the usual chicken and waffles.

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food: Pandan Pancakes with Fried Chicken
Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food
It was great to find out a little bit more about Rennie, too. I had absolutely no idea that they’d been around for 70 years – I love the old school ads they had on display, which were clearly targeted at housewives. Thankfully their campaigns have improved in leaps and bounds since – this year, they partnered up with the SORTEDfood boys to take part in their Rennie Mystery Box challenge.

Every so often, the team at Rennie send the team at SORTEDfood an unusual or exotic ingredient in the mystery box, and the team get ideas from their audience about what to cook with it.

So as the boys were cooking, all of us at the event had to put our names into a hat, for the chance to take part in a mystery box challenge of our own. But more on that later…

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food
The next dish they whipped up was the classic churro – but with a little twist – a coffee and chocolate sauce.

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food: Chocolate Coffee Churros
After all the excitement surrounding the churros finally died down, the names started to get pulled out of the hat – and one by one, we opened the doors to see what mystery ingredient waited behind each door.

My name got called, and I started getting a bit nervous – some people got ingredients I’d never even heard of before!

Thankfully, I knew what my mystery box ingredient was – and I whipped up a little dish too, but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out what it is!

Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food
I had an absolutely fabulous time at the #RennieHappyEating event, and it was great getting to meet the guys!

What’s your favourite video from the SORTEDfood guys? Be sure to add it to the comments below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook or Instagram!

  • The lone girl among the guys! Good on you? What a fab event. It comes across in your writing what a fun time you had. And I love your 5 Seconds of Summer anecdote – it made ne chuckle. Food looks wonderful too. Tx

    • Thank you! Luckily I wasn’t the only girl there – the other ladies made it an absolutely fabulous time! Xxx

  • Great post! The food looks absolutely mouth-watering and I love the glittery cocktails!

    Rachel |

    • Thanks Rachel! It was a great event – and now I want glitter in ALL my cocktails! X

  • JasminCharlotte

    I’m so jealous about this event!! I so wanted to go but was away, I love Sorted Food! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Thanks jasmin! That’s a shame as it would’ve been so lovely to see you! Xx

  • It was such a great event wasn’t it?! Hope to see you more at foodie events =)
    I’ll be looking out for what you did with your mystery ingredient!


    • It was such a great event, and so lovely to see you again! (Sorry for the delayed reply, my comment system wasn’t working!) What have you done with your mystery ingredient? xxx