Namaaste Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago I popped along to Namaaste Kitchen in Camden Town.

Namaaste KitchenNamaaste Kitchen

Camden is somewhere I frequented a lot more when I was younger, and it’s changed quite a bit – it’s pretty touristy. There are still pockets away from the market that still feel a bit more authentic, and Namaaste Kitchen is one of them.

One of my favourite things to do at a restaurant is ask the waiter what they recommend. You can tell a lot about a place that way, and the enthusiasm and excitement that our waiter had over the dishes was infectious – almost everything we ordered was his recommendation.

Namaaste KitchenNamaaste KitchenNamaaste Kitchen

The mango and pomegranate salad was so tasty – garlicky, and not overwhelmingly sweet. We opted for a chatpati tokri chaat for our starter – a deliciously crispy potato basket filled with chickpeas, lentils, cucumber, pomegranate and yoghurt, served with green chutney.

Namaaste KitchenNamaaste KitchenNamaaste Kitchen

For our mains we ordered a kebab platter (I was in the mood for some lamb chops), but based on the recommendations we received we also went for the Mangalorean Chicken Korri Gassi – chicken curry with notes of tamarind and coconut, heightened by the addition of mustard seeds. It was creamy, rich, flavourful – everything you want in a curry, without being overwhelmingly hot or spicy.

Namaaste KitchenNamaaste KitchenNamaaste Kitchen

I don’t usually go for desserts, but I couldn’t resist the pistachio kulfi – and I’m glad I did.

Namaaste KitchenNamaaste Kitchen

I had a great experience at the Namaaste Kitchen, and would definitely recommend it (and the Mangalorean Korri Gassi) if you’re ever in the neighbourhood!

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I was invited to Namaaste Kitchen for purposes of review - all opinions my own.
  • Melissa

    I also always rely heavily on recommendations from my waiter. Usually they steer you in the right direction – that dessert looks Devine! Sounds like such a lovely meal.

    • Thank you so much, Melissa! I agree, it’s always nice to know what they recommend! x

  • Jinzo_2400

    This looked like a perfect place to enjoy a new kind of food….I rarely have Indian but looks mighty tempting!

  • ninegrandstudent

    That curry looks AMAZING!

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