Love Food, Hate Waste – Use Your Loaf

Was everyone else as thrilled as I was that Nadiya won the Great British Bake Off? I couldn’t believe how teary everyone was – but her bakes were always so beautiful, she definitely deserved it.

Borough Market CookhouseBorough Market Cookhouse5424A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited down to the Borough Market Cookhouse for a meal cooked by last year’s GBBO Winner, Nancy Birtwhistle. You know you work for GBBO superfans when they let you skive first thing on a Monday to have a baking champion whip you up a feast!

#UseYourLoaf, Love Food Hate Waste, Nancy Birtwhistle and Erin from IslandbellSWNS_STALE_BREAD_11#UseYourLoaf, Love Food Hate Waste, Nancy BirtwhistleNancy isn’t actually the first GBBO winner I’ve featured on the blog – I had an amazing baking masterclass with John Whaite last year, so I have now totally outed myself as a massive fangirl (despite being on a gluten free diet)!

I was asked to attend #UseYourLoaf on behalf of Love Food Hate Waste. They are a brilliant charity working towards a great cause – to reduce the amount of food waste in the UK.

SWNS_STALE_BREAD_GBBO-4As a nation, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes each year – and most of it could’ve been eaten. It’s really bad for the environment (it would save 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is the same as taking 1 in every 4 cars off of our roads) and it costs us £12.5 billion annually, too.

We need to get better, and smarter, with our food to reduce waste. I’m definitely guilty of this – I don’t always make as much use out of all my food as possible. In the UK, 24 million slices of bread are thrown out every day. 18% even admit to binning a forgotten loaf before opening it!

Luckily, we have the ‘Queen of Consistency’ on our side. Nancy has joined forces with LFHW to help reduce the amount of bread wasted each year, with some fantastic stale bread recipes.

SWNS_STALE_BREAD_GBBO-52#UseYourLoaf, Love Food Hate Waste, Nancy BirtwhistleIt’s a total misconception that stale bread is bad, and has to be binned. There are so many great things you can do with stale bread, like making your own breadcrumbs – just because it won’t be good with some butter and jam doesn’t mean it should be destined for the bin!

Love Food Hate Waste gathered a few food bloggers to sample a few dishes prepared by Nancy. I was lucky enough that she even made mine gluten-free! We were told that there would be a bit of a surprise at the end, so we sat down for our meal in anticipation.

Nancy's Nicoise Salad, #UseYourLoaf, Love food Hate WasteThe first dish was Nancy’s Nicoise, which she made with black olives and stale-bread croutons. It was so fresh, delicious and light – really healthy but wonderfully flavourful too.

Nancy's Nicoise Salad, #UseYourLoaf, Love food Hate WasteThe main course was Nancy’s thrifty moussaka with a breadcrumb topping. Moussaka is very often oily and can be extremely sickly, but this was so light – the crème fraiche and breadcrumb topping was really light, and it didn’t feel heavy or stodgy at all. It was really, really delicious.

Gluten free Thrifty Moussaka with a Breadcrumb Topping, #UseYourLoaf, Love Food Hate Waste, Nancy BirthwhistleGluten free Thrifty Moussaka with a Breadcrumb Topping, #UseYourLoaf, Love Food Hate Waste, Nancy BirthwhistleSWNS_STALE_BREAD_GBBO-59SWNS_STALE_BREAD_GBBO-54I wasn’t able to try the third one, as there wasn’t enough time to make a gluten-free one, but the summer pudding apparently tasted as good as it looked. The combination of summery fruits, cream, and the juice-soaked bread had everyone gushing about how great it was – SO much food envy!

Nancy's Summer Pudding Terrine, #UseYourLoaf, Love Food Hate Waste, Nancy BirtwhistleNancy's Summer Pudding Terrine, #UseYourLoaf, Love Food Hate Waste, Nancy BirtwhistleAfter our meal, Nancy made the big reveal – that all three courses were made using stale bread. As seasoned food bloggers, we were all perfectly fine with chowing down some stale bread, especially when they are reworked so well – it’s going to be interesting to see if everyone else thinks so, too!

Love Food Great Waste and their #UseYourLoaf Campaign are really great – you can find out more from the video below!

What do you think? Will you think twice about throwing out bread?

Many thanks to the team at Love Food Hate Waste for inviting me – I had a great time! Although I was invited to go, all opinions are my own. It’s a brilliant cause and campaign!

  • Wow, what an experience! The food looks amazing too and I’ll definitely be experimenting with stale bread.

  • Elizabeth

    How super was this event! Inspired by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign I run a No Waste Food Challenge linky filled with inspiring recipes from food bloggers.

    • That’s so great! I’ll definitely have to get on that challenge – this was such a great event! xxx

  • All the food looks amazing, also I love this campaign, I hate food waste and try so hard to use everything that I buy.

    • erin.niimi

      Thanks Emma! It really was – I love this campaign too. Meal planning really works for me! Xx

    • Thanks Emma! I love it too – I’m definitely trying to reduce the amount of food I waste! Meal planning definitely helps! xxx