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Night at the Natural History Museum

What could be better than a gin and tonic on a Friday night? Gin and tonic with dinosaurs, of course!

Natural History Museum, London

On Friday night Mr A. and I popped down to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington to one of their lates, which happens on the last Friday of each month. I arrived pretty late (an hour late…. oh dear) but I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a queue – I was expecting to be waiting in line for hours! I swiftly got behind the crowd at the bar and soaked in the atmosphere. On the main steps there were several musical acts, mostly singer-songwriter types I ended up feeling sorry for – it’s pretty hard to compete with a diplodocus.

Once I was armed with a G&T we wandered through the museum. My favourite part about the museum late was how you could walk around and look at the exhibits at your leisure. As much as I love children it’s quite nice being able to see the exhibitions without sticky fingers on the glass and being able to get to the front for a change! I didn’t end up sampling the food but Mr. A had coq au vin.

Natural history museum, London Birds- Natural HIstory Museum London Birds - natural history museum, London

It was such a nice way to spend an evening – definitely one I’ll remember. As I left I also noticed that they do ‘Dino-Snores’ for grown-ups, where you can stay over and sleep in the museum. It sounds exactly like something out of From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler and I’d LOVE to do it! However with a holiday coming up I’m not so sure I can splash out the £175 for the evening…

Valentine’s Wishlist

Valentine's Wishlist
It’s five days into February and already my bank account seems to have taken a beating. It never quite recovered after Christmas before it was hit by a ridiculous amount of birthdays, followed by Valentine’s Day and (mmm) having to cough up extortionate amounts to get properly vaccinated before I head to Cambodia in a month’s time! But never mind. Here are a few items I can daydream about in the meantime.

An Introduction

I always find introductions awkward, so apologies in advance.


This is me, taken in Turkey this summer when I went on holiday with Mr. Application, my boyfriend. I am currently working in digital marketing in London, which has really given me an interest in blogging and has finally inspired me to start my own. So here goes!

I have a Japanese mother and a British father, but have lived and grown up in Manchester (UK), New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Belgrade.

My blog is mostly going to be about cooking. A lot of recipes will be Asian, and dishes that were familiar to me growing up in a Japanese household, but will also include English and American comfort food as well. I will also be doing reviews (and probably a lot of ranting) about the things I love and hate, so please bear with me.

I am open to suggestions and ideas, and can be contacted through the contact form on this site! It’s nice to meet you.