Kirsty’s Free-From Meals

I want to start off by saying that I’m really not a ready-meal type of girl.

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready MealsTo me, nothing beats a home-cooked meal, and growing up I was lucky to be able to count on one hand the number of times I had a ready-meal. My mom especially is such an avid and talented foodie, that we usually either ate one of her creations or went out on one of our various food missions (we went through the New York Times‘ Top 10 Steak Tartar restaurant list in a month, one summer).

That, and the fact that for the most part, they’re ridiculously overpriced, and never quite taste as good.

Having said that though, I totally understand the appeal of it. After a long day at work, especially in the winter, the thought of cooking is utterly exhausting in itself.

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready MealsWhen you’re on a gluten-free diet, your options are even more limited, and you can get in a bit of a rut of cheese and gluten-free oat biscuits or pesto (gluten-free) pasta.

So when the lovely people behind Kirsty’s contacted me to see whether I wanted to try their range of gluten-free and free-from ready meals, I was intrigued to say the least.

Kirsty’s has a range of gluten, dairy and wheat-free ready meals ideal for coeliacs and people with food intolerances. For those of us that love a good Dragons Den success story, Kirsty successfully pitched her business to Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne (who are usually the sceptical grumpy ones, aren’t they?) Kirsty’s meals are also aimed towards those doing the 5:2, which I (very occasionally) dabble in.

From the range, I tried the Thai Chilli Chicken with Rice Noodles, The Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Mash, and Sausage with Sweet Potato Mash.

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready Meals - Asian Chicken NoodlesI have the tiniest kitchen in the entire world, and therefore don’t have a microwave, so I prepared all of these in the oven.

The first meal I tried, the Thai Chilli Chicken Noodles were my least favourite of the lot. I did enjoy the flavours of lemongrass, and the hint of fish sauce, but I wasn’t overly keen on the texture. This was the ‘lightest’ of the meal choices, and while it was perfectly pleasant I think if I’m opting for a ready meal then pretending to be healthy probably isn’t what I’m feeling. However, I also cook with this kind of rice noodle on a regular basis, and the texture is never going to be quite the same as when it’s made fresh. However, I did like the flavours and I did appreciate how much veg they packed in (which is quite unusual for a ready meal).

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready Meals - Asian Chicken NoodlesThe next dish was my boyfriend’s favourite (and he’s not on a gf diet). It was the cottage pie with sweet potato mash, and was probably the most attractive looking of the three meals.

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready Meals - Sweet Potato Mash Cottage PieA sweet potato and carrot mash topped beef mince with carrots and peas in a gluten-free gravy sauce. My boyfriend really enjoyed this one – I did enjoy the mash, but I always have mixed feelings about minced meat unless I’ve prepared it myself, so I can’t say this was my personal favourite, but it was surprisingly tasty and perfect comfort food (but without all of the guilt)

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready Meals - Sweet Potato Cottage PieGluten free cottage pieThe third meal was my personal favourite – gluten-free bangers and mash. The mash was, again, carrot and sweet potato, but the sausages crisped well in the oven and the onion gravy was simple but tasty.

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready Meals - Sausage and Sweet Potato MashWhile I don’t think I’ll be making a regular thing out of ordering ready-meals, now I know this range is out there I can definitely see myself popping one in my Ocado order in December when work gets a bit more hectic before the holidays! It’s tasty comfort food, without feeling to guilty or unhealthy, and at only £3 it’s definitely an option I’ll be considering.

Kirsty's Gluten Free Ready Meals - Sausage and Sweet Potato MashTo find out more about Kirsty’s you should check out their YouTube channel which just launched recently here.

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  • joskimo

    These meals actually look really tasty. I am usually a strictly home cooked meal kind of a girl myself but could be tempted by these. 🙂

    • Thank you! So am I, but it’s great to know that this option is available for people with gluten intolerances or coeliacs – or just a healthier ready meal option, really! 🙂 x