Japonisme Publication Week!

I’m both excited and absolutely terrified about this week, as Japonisme is out on Thursday!


It’s been completely surreal, and I still can’t quite believe it is happening. Earlier this week, when I was having a particularly overwhelming moment, I reached out to my mom who is currently in Japan for my grandfather’s nanakaiki. A nanakaiki is a traditional memorial service, where family members hold a service at certain intervals following a relative’s death to express gratitude for and acknowledge their continuing influence in our lives.

I write a lot about my grandfather in my book, and while I’m sad I couldn’t be there with my family, I hope I managed to pay him a fitting tribute in Japonisme. My mom, who is currently suffering from a little jetlag, sent me a recording of uguisu, or the Japanese nightingales from my grandmother’s balcony in Kamakura. It was incredibly comforting.

I’m looking forward to Thursday, and to celebrate the launch with a few close friends and family on Friday. I’ve also got the Japonisme supperclub coming up with Toral from the Urban Kitchen on April the 25th at Benk and Bo, which will be a really lovely evening of good food and inspiring talks. We have some great sponsors in Tengu Sake and Miso Tasty, who are providing sake and miso for the event. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, you can get them here.

rawpixel-com-480210-unsplashJaponisme Supperclub

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you! As always, you can catch me on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.


  • I’m sorry you cannot be there for your Grandfather but hope you have a lovely time remembering all the good times x

  • Linda Hobbis

    I would love to hear that recording of the Japanese nightingales. I find birdsong terrifically comforting too. I am fascinated by the traditions of Japan.

    • Thanks so much, Linda! I’m so glad, I hope people who are interested like you manage to read my book! xx

      • Linda Hobbis

        It’s on my Amazon wishlist x

  • Sandra Vivar

    Hi Erin, I have just finished reading “Japonisme” and I really enjoyed it. I love japanese culture (in fact, I used to study japanese and lived at Japan for 6 months to improve my japanese level) and I think your book is a kind of journey through all those beautiful traditions that make japanese way of life so special. We owne a little bookshop at Spain and we’ll talk about “Japonisme” at our Facebook page in a few weeks, to recommend it to our customers. Congratulations!