Hoi An

After gallivanting around Hanoi by myself, I flew to Da Nang to meet up with the rest of my family to spend a few days in Hoi An just before Christmas.

Hoi AnHoi An

Hoi An is an incredibly beautiful place – as an old trading port you can really see an amazing mix of cultures in the architecture.

loved my time in Hoi An, but a few things really stood out from my trip:

Hoi AnHoi An

Coffee at the Hoi An Roastery. I stayed at the Riverside Hotel, which was absolutely incredible, but their coffee wasn’t as good as it was at the roastery. The rooms at the hotel were lovely, and the staff were so helpful – I even fell in love with the bottles they kept their shampoo and conditioner in, and they tracked some extra ones down for me so they will be jazzing up my bathroom at home.

Hoi AnHoi An

Getting leather bags and shoes custom-made.

I ended up getting three pairs of shoes and two bags, and it was an incredible experience. My family have been to Hoi An around five times, and swear by the quality and price for Friendly Shoe Shop, and their sister store for bags. My shoes were made to measure, in the material and heels I wanted, and were a perfect fit – and were reasonably priced as well. I ended up getting a big leather weekend bag, but the real highlight for me was getting an old Whistles handbag recreated in a mixture of black leather and suede. I use the original handbag almost weekly, and they don’t make it anymore, and all I had to do was hand it over – and two days later I had the exact same bag, brand-spanking new.

Hoi An

The Food

The Taste of Hoi An food tour was a real highlight – the guide, Neville, was a real character, and the food was delicious. It was really well organised, and despite the terrible weather I had such a brilliant time – I couldn’t recommend it enough. My favourite part was getting to try the types of street food I would never even know was in front of me the whole time – I came away with quite a few bottles of chilli sauce, too!

Hoi AnHoi AnHoi An

Another incredible meal was had at Ms. Ly – delicious and authentic local food, although it’s worth going early if possible as there’s always a queue outside!

The only disappointment for me on the food front was Banh Mi Phuong. I’d heard so many good things about it, but the service was terrible, and I’m not sure it was really worth the wait (or perhaps it was, but only because I got my food an hour after I ordered it)!

Lanterns on the River

Hoi An

The other highlight was a trip down the river for sunset – setting lanterns alight was incredibly touristy, but really stunning.

Hoi An

Have you ever been to Hoi An? What did you get up to? Comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

  • Erin Ek Rush

    I’ve never had a food tour! What a fantastic idea. It looks like an all around amazing holiday.

  • Lauretta

    This is such a beautiful place. You got lovely photos. I’m sure you enjoyed every bit of your trip.

  • That river photo is amazing and so picturesque. And ohmygosh there’s rambutan! I’d love to go visit Hoi An at some point !

    • Thank you! It was so beautiful, and I loved rambutan!! You definitely should, such an amazing place! xxx

  • Mr & Mrs Gist

    Wow, a food tour is a great idea! Your photos are gorgeous by the way 🙂
    Mr & Mrs Gist