Herman Ze German

I used to work right by Charlotte Street, and that made lunchtimes incredibly dangerous for my bank balance. It’s gotten even better since I stopped working around there – I love The Ninth, and you are spoilt for choice in that neighbourhood (Pied a Terre is another fantastic restaurant).

Neither of which are that friendly to your bank balance, so if you’re up for something a little more casual I’d head on down to Herman Ze German.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

It’s fairly casual, and not a first date kinda place – but it’s the perfect venue to take an old friend, and catch up over a couple of beers and some good food.

I’m always a fan of eating family-style, and sharing a few dishes. We went slightly overboard, but the staff were great about packing it all up afterwards (you can get it all to go, if you prefer) so lunch was sorted for the next few days. Winning.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

My favourite dish of the lot was Ze Wilde Bock Roll – bockwurst, curry sauce, crispy onions in a light roll with some chips on the side. The flavours and textures were so satisfying, and I would definitely go back again for this dish alone.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

The chicken schnitzel sandwich was the favourite dish of my lunch date, who isn’t as into curry sauce as I am.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

It still didn’t stop her from ordering the pommes spezial as a side – chips topped with crispy onions, curry sauce and mayo.

Did I mention we went slightly overboard? We also went for one of their wursts in a roll, which was absolutely delicious, although I much preferred the texture of Ze Wilde Bock Roll.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

The only disappointing dish for us was off of their brunch menu – the Big Faddi Bumbaladdi. A leberkase sausage patty with a fried egg and cheese, served in a bun – the meat was slightly overprocessed for us, and I wasn’t a fan of the texture.

Herman Ze German

Overall I really enjoyed my Herman Ze German experience – it’s affordable, excellent food, and a great place to grab lunch.

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I was invited to Herman Ze German for a review - all opinions my own.
  • All this food looks amazing! And I’m so pleased that they will pack things up for you to take away so there is less food waste. Tx

  • Sarah L

    The ‘Ze Wilde Bock Roll’ looks and sounds amazing! YUM! I love that you can have the food to go, too!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’ve had this place on my radar for a while, it looks sooooo good!

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