Gluten Free Baking & Living’s Crowdfunding Campaign

For me, the transition to living a gluten-free lifestyle hasn’t been particularly dramatic. I feel 100 times better, and a lot of my favourite foods (like rice, and oats) are naturally gluten free anyway.

GFBFlour-004There are things I miss though. Like baguettes, or deliciously chewy ginger biscuits. There are some things that just can’t be achieved with the gluten free flours currently available widely.

GFBFlour-063GFBFlour-019Which is were Gluten Free Baking & Living come in. Ian and Deborah, who are based in Harrogate, run gluten free baking courses throughout the country, and have developed their own range of amazing gluten free flours. They’ve just started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money so they can develop a couple more, and so they can be widely produced. I got to ask them a few questions, and find out a little bit more about it!

GFBFlour-012Could you tell me a little more about you, and your gluten free journey?

We’re Ian and Deborah Thackeray, the founders of Gluten Free Baking and Living. Ian was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2012, and we began searching for gluten free products that were as good as we were used to eating before! We really struggled to find gluten free baked goods in the supermarket that were up to scratch, so started creating our own – and the rest is history!

GFBFlour-011Tell me a little more about your company, Gluten Free Baking & Living!

 We run gluten free baking courses in Harrogate, London and the Wirral, where we teach people how to make delicious GF cooking in their own home. We developed our flour blends through the courses to get the best results – and we think they’re great – so much so that we’re raising funds to develop the blends further.

What is your favourite gluten-free baking recipe?

 It’s so hard to choose a favourite! It’s got to be something sweet – cinnamon nut muffins have become a hit in our household.

GFBFlour-031What do you recommend baking with the flour?

 You can bake all your favourites with the flour – it’s the perfect base for great gluten free baguettes, bread, pastry, scones and cakes, through to béchamel sauce, crepes suzette, choux and puff pastry and all things in between.

GFBFlour-076What makes this flour different to what’s currently available?

 Our flour has a much higher protein content, and by using a blend of different flours, such as teff, sorghum and tapioca, we find our flour simply performs much better than what’s currently out there.

 What are your ambitions for the product?

We’re incredibly proud of the blends we’ve developed, and think others who are gluten free are going to love them too! We’d love to see the flours become commercially available in retailers soon, so that more and more people can enjoy them.

 You’re currently fundraising on Indiegogo. What will the money raised be used for?

We’re raising funds to develop a brown bread flour blend, and Italian stoneground gluten free flour – a first for the UK market. All the funds we raise will be invested in developing and marketing these blends, so we can get the range off the ground.

GFBFlour-021Sounds great! How can I get involved?

Please support our campaign – and visit us on Facebook, we’ve got some great perks to give away, including the flours themselves and recipe books. Thanks for your support!

Be sure to support Ian and Deborah’s crowdfunding campaign, and help their make dream a reality! Personally, I’m always in favour, and am passionate about promoting high-quality and delicious ingredients. They have some great incentives too!

Do you do any gluten free baking? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on  TwitterFacebook or Instagram!

  • Rhian Westbury

    I’ve recently gone vegan and i’ve found a lot of dairy free stuff like cakes and biscuits are also gluten free and I don’t feel it tastes much difference. x

    • I think its gotten so good now – you can’t taste it! The Gluten Free Baking and Living flour range are really working towards making really high quality ingredients, and it really does make all the difference! Thanks for the comment, Rhian! xx

  • everinmay

    I’ll be honest, I gave gluten free pasta a go and was not impressed! But I have tried a few gluten free breads and have made the switch over quite easily, I love seeing small companies with a true passion for what they do so I’ll definitely be looking out for them and their campaign! xx

    • Thank you! Some gluten free pasta brands are really awful – have you tried the waitrose spaghetti? It’s great! Thanks for the comment! xxx

  • Thanks Nicola! I hear Aus is supposed to be amazing for GF – I really want to go! London is pretty good for gluten free – although I do think the US do it better! 🙂 xxx