FujiFilm X70 Camera

When I first started blogging, I would lug my massive DSLR to events. It would be really annoying, because it was doing some serious damage to my handbags – and as a food blogger, a larger camera would be really intrusive, especially at restaurants.

So I invested in the Sony RX100 II, and it was one of the best things I did for my blog – it’s compact, but with all the features I loved in an DSLR, as well as WiFi, and loads of other features, too.

FujiFilm X70FujiFilm X70

When the folks at John Lewis asked if I’d like to check out the FujiFilm XA2, I couldn’t resist – I’d heard some amazing things from friends, and was really tempted by many of the features.

FujiFilm X70FujiFilm X70

For its compact size, the X70 is a powerful camera – it’s simple to use, and the picture quality is incredible. I’ve enjoyed using for food blogging, especially – close up shots of dishes work really well with this camera.

DSCF0028FujiFilm x70FujiFilm x70FujiFilm x70

Some people might find the lack of viewfinder to be a drawback, but I quite like the large touchscreen, which gives you a lot more detail.

I also love the WiFi capability, which makes sending shots to Instagram so easy – it’s all controlled through the FujiFilm app, and is a lot more user-friendly than my Sony in that respect. Perfect for food blogging on the go!

FujiFilm x70FujiFilm x70

My favourite type of photo to take with the X70 is a selfie. The touch screen flips over, so you can see exactly what you’re taking, which makes it also perfect for vlogging (if I ever take the plunge, that is!)

FujiFilm X70FujiFilm x70FujiFilm X70

The quality is so great, and there’s no more guesswork involved – meaning that there will probably be a lot more photos of me in my posts moving forward (sorry guys).

FujiFilm x70

All in all, I am super thrilled with it, and haven’t found fault with it so far, with the exception of cases – I am way too accident-prone to trust myself with such a beautiful camera without it in a case, and they are all fairly pricey.

FujiFilm x70

Other than that, I adore it, and would definitely recommend it as an alternative to a fullsized DSLR, especially for food blogging.

Have you tried the X70? What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment belowor let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

John Lewis sent me the FujiFilm X70 for the purposes of review - all opinions my own.
  • Madeeha

    Thanks for introducing me to this cam. it surely is compact and the picture quality is very good. I am also looking for compact camera which works like DSLR but without all the weight and size. This post was very helpful.

    Khaista Blogs

  • It’s so handy to have WiFi on a camera, and the quality of the shots looks great

  • The pictures look amazing especially the food close ups!

  • This is the first time I have read about the Fujifilm X70, normally people rave on about the Olympus pen. I still carry around my DSLR. It is very heavy, does ruin my handbag and is intrusive in restaurants. But I love the quality of it’s pictures, especially in darker settings. When I don’t feel like carrying it around I use my samsung phone, which creates some amazing 4k pictures. I have been considering though getting a smaller camera to leave in my bag. I’ll consider this one. Does it have filming capabilities?

    • Thanks Katharina! It does! I don’t usually film myself (haven’t ventured into vlogging yet!) but it’s really fantastic xx

  • FoodPornNation

    Great review thanks for sharing! xx I want this camera too now! I’ve always wanted something compact that loads straight up to instagram! what did you end up doing with your DSLR in the end?

    • Thanks Priscilla! It’s really amazing. I still have my DSLR, and use it when I’m at home, mostly!


  • I’ve been looking for a new camera but I didn’t want a DSLR because of the size. This camera looks like it takes amazing pictures, plus I love the WiFi capability. And where were you when you took those food shots, it looks yummy!

    • Thanks Maya! My north London neighbourhood has some amazing brunch places, which I’m sure I’ll be writing up soon 🙂 xx

  • Ooh I’m after a camera like this with none of the weight of a DSLR but takes equally as good images. This is definitely one to looks at! x