Here are my gluten-free restaurant reviews – mostly in London, but anywhere that I find absolutely delicious. Any meals that have been comp’ed have been specified – and I always give my honest opinion – there’s nothing worse than a shoddy meal!

A Weekend in Edinburgh

A month ago (which just goes to show how behind I am on posts lately!) my boyfriend and I headed up to Edinburgh for the weekend.


I absolutely adore Edinburgh. It’s stunningly beautiful, and I just love it up there. I’d done most of the touristy things before, so this time we just spent wandering around the city. We also went along to the Hidden Door Festival, which was on at the time.


Even when it’s not the Fringe, there always seems to be something going on, which is what I love about the city.


We sampled some eateries while we were up there – both recommended by friends, so I thought I’d spread the love as they were amazing. First up was a legendary selection of craft ales and an awesome haggis burger from Holyrood 9A.


The second was a lovely place for brunch in Stockbridge, near where we were staying – The Pantry. Brilliant crockery, lovely service, and a great brunch selection (and yes, there’s haggis in it too, because I’m obsessed with the stuff).


Edinburgh really is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Have you ever been? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

Mima & The Curing House, Middlesbrough

We spent the Sunday after The Raby Hunt wandering around Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough Transporter BridgeMiddlesbrough

The weather was absolutely amazing that day, so we checked out the transporter bridge, as well as Anish Kapoor’s Temenos – a 110 metre long and 50 metre high sculpture by the dock.


We had a little bit of time to kill before lunch, so we stopped of at Mima – the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art – to see the Basil Beattie exhibition. I really liked the gallery – modern, light, with amazing high ceilings.

MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough MimaMiddlesbrough

My favourite piece was the one below, which made such great use of the space.


We popped into The Curing House for a spot of Sunday lunch – they usually specialise in Charcuterie, but on Sundays they usually do a roast. I opted for the beef, which was lovely, and it was such a nice venue, too.

MiddlesbroughMiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough, The Curing HouseMiddlesbrough, The Curing House

They also had a lovely selection of desserts – I opted for a pannacotta topped with granola.

Middlesbrough, The Curing HouseMiddlesbrough, The Curing HouseMiddlesbrough, The Curing House5Middlesbrough, The Curing HouseMiddlesbrough, The Curing House

Have you been to Middlesbrough? Be sure to comment belowor let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

Crepeaffaire, Islington

Over Christmas this year, my eight-year old sister asked me what the best thing about being an adult was. Without a hesitation, my answer was being able to eat ice cream whenever I want.

I also think having a Nutella, cream and ice-cream laden crepe for dinner would probably come pretty close, too.


I really like the alleyways and side streets near Angel Station – there are some great little shops and cafes tucked away, almost like a village in the centre of London.

Down one of these little streets is Crepeaffaire, a creperie with a new gluten free crepe on offer.


Their gluten free offering is made with buckwheat flour, and you can get almost the same sweet and savoury toppings as you get on the regular crepes.


My friend, a proper adult, went for the savoury option – she opted for the Le Goat Deluxe, which was filled with goat’s cheese, cheddar, onion confit, spinach, and red onion.


I, on the other hand, went full five-year old, with the ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’: strawberries, cream, Nutella, with ice cream on the side.


The buckwheat crepe has a slightly nutty flavour to it, but is light and soft – just as a good crepe should be.


I really enjoyed my Crepeaffaire experience, and would definitely recommend it for crepe lovers!

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The Raby Hunt

I love a good tasting menu.

The Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

There is something so intensely pleasurable about stunningly plated dishes serving the absolute finest the chef has to offer. I think it’s something about the lack of decision making (and food envy), as well as having a group of people collectively enjoying the same dishes together that I absolutely love.

We were up north for a celebration and had a table at The Raby Hunt booked. I was already pretty excited (the Raby Hunt is the only michelin-starred restaurant in the North East), but was almost giddy with excitement after reading Jay Rayner’s review. This level of giddiness and excitement is, I’m guessing, what football fans must feel like when their team scores. I was ecstatic.

The Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

The Raby Hunt

Every single course was exquisite. We opted for the 11-course menu, starting with the raw scallop and grapefruit, which was served with a little ponzu.  This was followed by dehydrated artichoke skin, topped with some kind of offal – the centre was cold, and it had been slow-cooked – on paper, none of this should have made sense, but the combination of temperatures, flavours and textures was unreal.

The Raby HuntThe Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

The attention to detail was so great, especially in the 62° Lindisfarne Oyster – not just the temperature it was cooked at, but the garnish of English wasabi, too. I can’t wait to (eventually) bring my Japanese relatives here, to see what they make of traditional ingredients and flavours used in this way.

The Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

The next two dishes were among my favourite – the razor clams with almond and celeriac, as well as the raw beef with caviar were unlike any I’d had before. It’s worth noting that if you’re not a fan of raw things, this might not be the place for you (but then again, neither is my blog, so jog on).

The Raby HuntThe Raby HuntThe Raby HuntThe Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

Even the dishes that seemed like they might be placeholders had the ability to surprise, like the sea bream with smoked cod roe and spinach, or the spring salad – it all tasted even better than it looked (and it looked pretty damn good).

The Raby HuntThe Raby HuntThe Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

Based on the very brief descriptions of the desserts on the menu, I was both bewildered and apprehensive. Black olive, chocolate and sheep’s yoghurt is not usually what I find in the dessert menu. But of course, nothing about the meal was usual – it was a triumph. Chocolatey, rich, and served with orange oil, it was perfect.

The Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

The licorice and lime, too, was astounding – I hate licorice usually, but the thin wafer of caramelised licorice and fennel with the lime cream completely won me over.

The Raby HuntThe Raby HuntThe Raby Hunt

The Yuzu chocolates were the perfect end to the best meal I have had this year. Seriously. Please go, it’s amazing.

Have you been to the Raby Hunt? Be sure to comment belowor let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

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Celia at Smiths

I love beer.

Celia at Smiths - Gluten Free BeerCelia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer

So much so that I had my 22nd birthday at a bierkeller, so we could all enjoy steins of the stuff.

Since I’ve gone gluten-free, I find I don’t really miss bread – and I’ve never liked cake, anyway – but I’ve really missed having a nice cold beer, especially in hot weather.

Celia at Smiths - Gluten Free BeerCelia at Smiths - Gluten Free BeerCelia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer

So it was perfect timing, really, as the weather last week was absolutely glorious – perfect beer ‘n’ burger weather. I was super excited when the team at Celia’s invited me down to Smiths of Smithfield, for a Coeliac Awareness Week event to try some of their product.

Celia at Smiths - Gluten Free BeerCelia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer and Burger

It was really interesting to find out that unlike most gluten-free beers, Celia is a true pilsner, made in the Czech Republic. It’s been deglutenised, and is naturally carbonated, unlike many beers, so you don’t get that heavy, bloated feeling you usually get.

Celia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer and BurgerCelia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer and Burger

It is really delicious, and a perfect accompaniment to the gluten free burgers at Smiths. The lager tasted really clean, while the burger did not – it was absolutely filthy, like a proper burger should be.

Celia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer and BurgerCelia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer and Burger

We also got to try Celia Dark, which is also gluten-free –  I personally prefer the lager, but this would be perfect for gluten-free Guinness fans!

Celia at Smiths - Gluten Free BeerCelia at Smiths - Gluten Free Beer

All in all, I had a wonderful evening sampling beer (who wouldn’t?) Thanks to the Celia team for having me!

Have you tried gluten free beer? What did you think? Be sure to comment belowor let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

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