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Whenever anyone suggests a catch up dinner at a pizza joint, my heart always sinks a little bit. So many places still haven’t nailed the gluten free crust, and in the past I’ve always been left a little disappointed. That is, until I went to Pizzabuzz.


Pizzabuzz is really conveniently located, just off of Finsbury Square. We went along to do a review for an evening meal, but you can tell that it would be heaving at lunchtimes – especially as they take very little time to bake!


Pizzabuzz is self-service, meaning that you have the freedom to choose whatever toppings you want – and see them make it right in front of you. You can get the pies to take away, or you have the option of eating in – I’d recommend the latter, as they have a nice selection of wines and prosecco on tap.


If you’re a bit indecisive when it comes to toppings, the team are great at giving recommendations. A gluten free base is also available for £2 extra.


The gluten free base is a fraction smaller than the regular one, but in every other way was a fantastic base, unlike many gluten free pizzas I’ve had before. I opted for the rosso base with artichokes and olives, while my date opted for the bianca (white sauce and mozzarella) with green peppers. I found myself unable to resist the burrata, so I also got a side of that with basil leaves and tomatoes. You can’t have too much cheese, right?


The pizzas were really fantastic, but I was absolutely blown away by the dessert, which is fairly unusual as I’m definitely prefer savoury to sweet! Pizzabuzz have another counter dedicated to ice creams, which are divine. My date went for an almond milk-based cherry flavoured ice cream, which tasted just like a bakewell tart – and was dairy free.


My one was a bit more unusual – a rose-flavoured ice cream, which tasted just like Turkish Delight – I would go back to Pizzabuzz for the ice cream alone it was just that good.

Pizzabuzz really exceeded my expectations, and would be really great to take a large group to – especially as they cater so well for food intolerances, without having to compromise on quality or flavour.

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I’m pretty partial to a themed restaurant.


Especially when there’s a little bit of history thrown in, so when I got the invite to attend the opening at Roma, I was more than a little intrigued. Situated on the former site of an old Roman fort, Roma aims to bring the flavours of Ancient Rome…. to Fenchurch Street.


Apprehensive, but intrigued, I went along to sample the canapes and wine.


The concept behind Roma is to bring the flavours of Ancient Rome to London – more specifically, the method of cooking with hay. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to sample any meat cooked in the signature way this time round, but the canapes were absolutely delicious. The selection of Salumi in particular was really great (the truffle one was to die for), as was the cod loin fishcake, hay smoked mackerel fillet and the lentil salad.


My favourite dishes from the evening were the truffle-based ones – the gnocchi in particular was exquisite.


As I attended the opening, it was quite packed, but a lovely space with a great selection of wines – and some lovely cocktails too. I really enjoyed the Herbarium – rosemary-infused gin, lychee juice and fresh cucumber and rosemary. How good does that sound?

I enjoyed everything I sampled at Roma, and would definitely pop in again – this time to try their signature lamb!

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Homemade Ramen at Sozai Cooking School

Ramen is definitely a weakness of mine, and definitely something I find myself craving. Salty, flavourful broth, delicate slices of char siu pork, delicious noodles topped with a runny egg – what could be better?

Sozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen Masterclass

Yutaka invited a few of us down to the Sozai Cooking School in Aldgate to try our hand at making ramen – from scratch. Yutaka products are stocked in most UK Supermarkets, with products including soy sauce, miso paste, gyoza, and even kimchi, and are definitely responsible for saving a few dinners at mine!

Sozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen Masterclass

We were at Sozai for the ramen masterclass, which included making the noodles and the broth for three different types of ramen: miso ramen, hiyashichuka (a cold, summer ramen) and my favourite – a soy-based ramen.

Sozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen Masterclass

The whole experience was extremely therapeutic, especially making the noodles. Akemi, our instructor, was really great, packing in a lot of different techniques and flavours in a relatively short amount of time. It also turns out that she used to be TINA TURNER’S PRIVATE CHEF, which is possibly my new goal in life.

Sozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen Masterclass

The first ramen dish I finished making was the hiyashichuka, the taste of which reminds me of summer holidays as a little kid – cold noodles topped with cucumber, ham, egg, and sesame. It’s really refreshing, and great for a really hot day.

Ramen time! @ladiesblogging @yutakarecipes

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Sozai Cooking School Ramen Masterclass

Next up was the miso ramen, which packed a lot more heat, especially with the pork mince added on top.

Sozai Cooking School Ramen MasterclassSozai Cooking School Ramen Masterclass

The best part of the entire evening, though, was of course the shoyu ramen, which had a soy-sauce based broth. This was on another level – Ippudo, eat your heart out. While the entire process might require getting a few more gadgets and implements (a pasta maker and pressure cooker are now firmly on my Christmas wishlist), it could all be pretty much recreated at home.

Sozai Cooking School Ramen Masterclass

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A month ago I was invited down to MexiFest – a celebration of Mexican food, drink, and culture, hosted in partnership with Yelp, The Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Kankun. If you haven’t heard of Yelp, you really need to get out more – it’s a platform where users can review restaurants, experiences, bars, events, and more. It’s a great tool for gauging whether a place is worth popping into or not, and saved me from many a bad meal, I’m sure.

Yelp MexiFestYelp MexiFest558

My favourite thing about Yelp in London, though, has to be the people behind the platform. Alex, Beth, and the rest of the Yelp team work really hard to build an engaged community, and have hosted some epic events – the Ice Cream Festival this summer being a massive highlight. Full disclosure – I’m a Yelp Elite – but I’ve met some wonderful people at their events, and they have a really varied selection so there’s something for everyone. A lot of their events are free, too, with the opportunity to sample – you’ll just need to check in on the app once you get there.

Unfortunately we were rained on for most of MexiFest, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. A massive taco fan, I sampled most of the food on offer, and was surprised that I hadn’t come across any of the suppliers before.

Yelp MexiFestYelp MexiFestYelp MexiFest

My personal highlights were the tacos from Lupita and Cafe Pacifico, neither of which I’d had before – they were really epic, as was the Kankun sauce.

Yelp MexiFestYelp MexiFestYelp MexiFest

I also really enjoyed my black cherry and chilli mojito from Cafe Pacifico, and feel like I have a good use for all the Tajin my mom keeps sending me from the States!

Yelp MexiFestYelp MexiFestYelp MexiFest

Most of all, I loved the focus on smaller, independent stalls and producers. We met a lady who makes her own queso in Peckham, and there wasn’t a Wahaca or an Old El Paso stand in sight, which for a free event is really great to bring so many independent stands together.

Yelp MexiFestYelp MexiFestYelp MexiFestYelp MexiFest

We had a great time at MexiFest, and I look forward to the next big Yelp festival (here’s hoping they bring back the mulled wine festival again this year!)

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Honest Burgers

I love a good burger.

Honest BurgerHonest BurgerHonest Burger49

Every time I’ve been to Honest Burgers, I’ve had a good one – they are consistently great in quality and flavour. I tend to go for the Honest Burger (beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, cheddar, pickles and lettuce) with a gluten-free bun, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Their specials are often exciting, too, but I’m not a fussy person when it comes to a burger – I like them pretty simple.

Honest BurgerHonest BurgerHonest Burger

The fries are crispy, and deliciously light, too.

Honest BurgerHonest BurgerHonest BurgerHonest Burger

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