February Favourites

I regret nothing! But…

February Makeup Haul

… It’s almost shameful how many new beauty products I seem to have acquired this month. It’s an occupational hazard I suppose – when you spend all day looking at fashion and beauty blogs it’s hard to resist the temptation! I say almost shameful, because luckily this month I seem to have only had good luck with my haul – so I might as well try and channel my compulsion and be productive by doing a little review.

Boots Botanics

I’m really into the Boots Botanics skincare range at the moment. As a ‘halfie’ I tend to prefer using Japanese skincare brands (which I’ll get into at a later date) because I find most drugstore brands in the UK to be quite harsh and drying. I’ve had a lot of success with the Boots Botanics range though – and they get extra points for being environmentally friendly, as well as being developed with Kew Gardens (which I love). This month I’ve got the hydrating day cream which I put on first thing, which has SPF 15. My entire family are completely obsessed with sun protection and I guess I’m not immune to it either. I also picked up the eye make-up remover. Embarrassingly I went up to someone at the store because the liquid was slightly brown at the bottom of the bottle – this is meant to be the case. All-natural, remember? So don’t make the same stupid mistake I did. You’ve been warned!

Benefit big beautiful eyes, hoola and high beam

Confession: these were all second time purchases. But I barely ever purchase anything twice so it is a testament to how amazing Benefit’s product range is! I very much prefer the big beautiful eye palette to the smoky eye version they do – this looks more natural, and you can always build on it and create a smoky effect with the colours. I can’t imagine this not suiting anyone. I’ve also been trying to do more ‘contouring’, and believe me, if you don’t have high beam there’s not much point. The hoola bronzer probably won’t get much use until next month when I start to get my tan on. Always good to be prepared, right?

Bare minerals get started kit

I’ve always been fairly lucky in terms of not breaking out, but this Bare Minerals get started kit has changed everything I knew about makeup. I’d always see those gimmicky ads on TV, or try to avoid those pushy sales people in department stores and I was so skeptical about this brand. Like, how is that powder sticking to your face? Why should I pay £50 a pop for these weird dyed powders? But now I am a total convert. My skin hasn’t felt this good in a long time. 10/10 would buy again.


Lush is one of those brands that I feel like I would hate on paper – where all the high-handed and smug shop assistants have bizarre names and everything smells of patchouli. But I really, really like it. I love a good bath and Lush does a good bath-time. This month though, I was duped into buying a pot of pink sugar – bubblegum flavoured, yes, and very beautifully packaged – but I’d recommend just buying an exfoliator like a normal person, or just rubbing sugar on your lips instead of buying a LIP SCRUB. What was I thinking!? It’s okay though – this cleanser, which you wipe off with a hot, damp flannel makes up for it.

Lip bullet topshop and flower crayon

Now that my lips are super smooth after being buffed with my pot of sugar I also ended up buying a ‘lip bullet’ (back in the game) from Topshop, and had my mom send over a Flower lip crayon from the States. Flower is a US drugstore brand of makeup developed by Drew Barrymore, and this lip crayon is a lovely neutral colour (sheer blossom). I love the lip crayon trend at the moment, because although skilled with liquid eyeliner (years of calligraphy class finally paying off) I am terrible at putting on lipstick. So having it in pencil/crayon form really helps.

Getting all of that off of my chest makes me feel slightly less guilty about all of this. Like I’m doing a public service or something. Oh dear. The things I do to live with myself….

  • I also really enjoy Bare Minerals. I had really bad skin for a long time and, while I think it was a lot of things in combination, I associate this as one of the things that helped my skin. It doesn’t necessarily tackle all the issues I’d like it to, but it’s made me afraid to try other things haha

    • I definitely agree – I’m not sure how I’ll cope with blemishes that come up as I haven’t had it for that long but it’s definitely opened my eyes to what’s out there! I’m a creature of habit when it comes to makeup and I’m glad my gamble paid off in this case!

  • I love bareminerals and benefit too. The mineral veil is amazing and I couldn’t live without it. Have you tried the pressed version? Lovely blog by the way xx

    • Thank you! 🙂 I haven’t tried the pressed version yet – should I give it a go? xx

      • I keep it in my desk drawer at work as its so handy for through the day touch ups. I want to try the foundation in the pressed version too. Xx

        • I have the pressed foundation and I love it! Definitely will check out the pressed veil once my next paycheck comes in! xx