Fatal Attraction to Shoryu Ramen

It was one of those unbelievably beautiful London days that it seemed almost a shame to be going inside last Saturday. But my sister and I, both nursing hangovers were pretty happy to be doing so, especially as we had managed to snag an unbelievably good deal. For a tenner each we’d managed to get some amazing seats to the West End production of Fatal Attraction at Theatre Royal Haymarket. As children of the 90s we were both really excited to see Kristin Davis (Charlotte York from Sex and the City) play Beth Gallagher in Fatal Attraction, based on the film of the same name. Londontheatre royal haymarket

But first, we had to eat – and as we were pressed for time (we went to the 2:30 show) we wanted something quick and delicious. Luckily, Shoryu ramen which we have been multiple times was just around the corner, so we popped in for a Shoryu Ganso tonkotsu ramen.Shoryutonkotsu ganso ramenshoryu tonkotsu ramen

If you are up for authentic, quick and tasty ramen then Shoryu is definitely worth popping into. The broth and noodles are delicious, and the pork and egg perfectly done, with a little runny in the middle. I washed mine down with oolong tea, and we were in and out within half an hour. Back in Japan, the best ramen places are always the dingy ones that truck drivers frequent – and is meant to be eaten fairly quickly as the noodles can get ‘long’, or soggy. If you are up for a long, leisurely feast of Japanese cuisine then I wouldn’t recommend the fast-paced and bustling Shoryu for you. As a pre-theatre lunch it was perfect, and we managed to get back in our seats with plenty of time.shoryushoryu

The show itself was really great – Natascha McElhone was hard to keep your eyes off of, she had great presence and is one of those people who looks even more stunning in real life than in films or photos. Kristin Davis and Natascha McElhone both stole the show, and the ending was different to the hollywood version, something the screenwriter had originally wanted to explore before the movie execs got involved. It was darker, which I liked and was such a good day out.Fatal Attraction

We decided to keep chatting about the play over bubble tea at Boba Jam. Bubble tea is quite an acquired taste – sweet milky tea with giant balls of tapioca floating at the bottom isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (haha!) but it was a great way to end a lovely afternoon.bubble tea