Cookbook Review: Delia’s Frugal Food

Since I’ve been back from holiday I’ve been trying to be good. Part of ‘being good’ includes planning out my meals ahead of time so I don’t end up having to buy lunch when I’m at work. Inevitably I always seem to end up getting a salmon sushi box from You Me Sushi because I can’t face a supermarket sandwich and end up throwing something pretty uninspiring into the pan for dinner.

This is part 1 of a series of cookbook reviews, where I follow recipes from one cookbook for a week and do a review. This week I’ll be focusing on Delia’s Frugal Food. I was given this by a family member for Christmas and have only just gotten around to looking at it.

Delias Frugal Food

This is a lovely book for those unused to cooking – the recipes are simple to follow, and although the ingredients are ‘frugal’ a lot of the dishes are really sophisticated and rather impressive. My top three favourite recipes from this book included mackerel with caper sauce, pasta with olives, anchovies, mushrooms and bacon as well as a spiced chicken lentil dish.

Delia's frugal food

The only drawback for me personally was how many of the recipes required offal. I’m personally a fan of liver and kidneys but Mr. A isn’t, so that limited some of my choices quite significantly.

I’d recommend this book as a nice gift for a student off to University, or for a post-grad moving out and in need of a little guidance in the food department.