The Chai Party

Chai Party

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of going along to the home of Nisha, the blogger behind My Kitchen Antics for an Indian-inspired afternoon Chai party. Nisha’s beautiful blog features some incredible recipes so I was thrilled to be invited – especially when I was presented with the Chai Party menu!


Nisha, with the help of some other lovely bloggers created a menu to die for. We started the afternoon off with some kamsin kali cocktails. I’m a fan of chai tea, but I never would have thought to include it in a cocktail. The kamsin kali was lovely – the vanilla chai, combined with plum and bubbly is definitely something I’ll be recreating soon.

Chai Party

Other items on the menu were inspired by Indian spices and flavours, like the idhar udhar – a fusion focaccia, or the aam ras macarons, which were my personal favourite. The macarons were delicately flavoured with indian mango and were an absolute delight.

I was given a special plate with some gluten-free options – a plate of the chickpea and coconut salad, which were served in the ice cream cones for the others, as well as the london desi prawns, which I had top some gluten-free oatcakes. I also had some of the Hyderabad 65 – a dish of spicy, succulent chicken which was divine.

Chai Party Chai Party

The whole event really inspired me, and has made me want to go to India more than ever before. The flavours were so incredible, and I’d love to  experience more! It was also so much fun and really exciting to get to know and meet some incredible food bloggers.

The chai party also gave me the opportunity to dress up – I’d borrowed a sari, but needed the help of Gayathri to get it on properly! The afternoon was a great way to get to know some really lovely ladies, and talk about our shared passion for food, as well as play some games. I was really pleased with my prize of a beautiful teapot, as you can see below:

Chai Party Chai Party Chai Party Chai PartyDSC010012Chai Party chaiparty food Indian prawns

I’m off to Cambodia on the 15th, and I’ve been inspired by the chai party to do a bit more fusion recipe development and I really can’t wait to get started.

Chai Party

The event was an absolute success and I can’t thank Nisha and everyone enough for including me. I’ve met some really lovely and talented people!

DSC01028Check out the fabulous ladies and their wonderful food blogs below:

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DSC01024 DSC01023

The event was sponsored in part by Tea India, who provided the lovely teas. My personal favourite was the Masala Chai.

Chai Party

The event was a great way to experience and share new flavours, and talk about culture. Who knows, maybe 2015 is the year I host a Japanese-themed matcha tea party? Watch this space…

  • Hey Erin, this is so good ! thanks for the mention, and am so glad you liked the party 

    • erin.niimi

      Thanks nupur! I had such a lovely time! You guys also need to give me your top restaurant recommendations again – kicking myself for not writing it down! X

  • Great post doll! So lovely to meet you and I loved the spicy chicken too. Oh and the avocado prawns and chocolate balls haha

    We need to get those recommendations and check it out!

    • erin.niimi

      It was so nice to meet you too – and thank you! We do need to get those recommendations – I’m attempting a slow cooker butter chicken this Saturday but definitely won’t beat the chai party spread! X