Ceviche, Soho

I’ve been dying to go to Ceviche ever since my boyfriend bought me Martin Morales’ cookbook to celebrate shacking up, almost two years ago. Back in New York, I would spend almost once a week at Pio Pio with my mother, so I’ve always loved Peruvian food, and ceviche, in particular.

Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetCeviche, Soho, Frith StreetThe Ceviche cookbook is an absolutely stunning read, but shamefully I’ve only attempted one recipe from the book due to the fact that I’m not entirely sure where I’d procure the ingredients from. (The recipe in question is pollo con cola, which sounds pretty batty until you try it – it is incredible).

So I was really happy (and so touched!) when the team at work got me a gift of dinner and drinks for two at Ceviche for my birthday. Ceviche has a wide range of gluten-free dishes, fabulous cocktails, while being in a great location (Frith Street has some of the best restaurants in London), so I’ve been excited about going here for ages.

Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetCeviche, Soho, Frith StreetWe started our evening off with a couple of pisco sours. Our lovely waitress recommended around seven small plates between the two of us, and so we promptly ordered a Causa Nikkei. I couldn’t exactly not order a ‘Nikkei’ dish as a Japanese person, and the line caught yellow fin tuna with potato mash nigiri, avocado-wasabi puree and radish was tasty, although not my favourite dish of the evening. For me personally, the dish could’ve done without the potato mash.

The Don Ceviche, however, completely hit the spot – a deliciously tart raw seabass dish served with an Amarillo Chilli Leche de Tigre, or Tiger’s Milk, limo chilli, sweet potato and red onions. Tiger’s Milk is a Peruvian marinade made with lime juice, onions, salt and pepper with some fish sauce, and is absolutely delicious – spicy and sour.

Don Ceviche, Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetWe pre-empted all the meat we would consume during our time at Ceviche by ordering a artichoke and palm heart salad, which was served with tomatoes and a chilli dressing. Artichokes and palm hearts are two of my favourite salad ingredients, and the Vidas Verdes was a lovely accompaniment to the beef and octopus dishes that followed.

Every time I’ve had beef heart, it’s always been unbelievably tender and flavourful, and the Anticucho de Corazon at Ceviche was no exception. The beef heart was served on a skewer with panca chilli, choclo corn and rocoto chilli cream, and was one of my favourite dishes of the evening, which my boyfriend agreed with.

Anticucho de Corazon, Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetWe disagreed on the Pulpo Sheretero – a skewered grilled octopus dish served with avocado uchucuta, palm hearts, and charred rocoto pepper mayonnaise. He remains an octopus skeptic, while I remain a fanatic (something I will attempt to change when we go to Japan over New Year!). I really loved the pulpo, and would wholeheartedly recommend the dish – the charred octopus went perfectly with the piquant palm hearts.

Lomo Saltado, Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetOur second beef dish of the evening was the Lomo Saltado – a beef fillet served with red onions, tomatoes and chips. This was perhaps my favourite dish of the evening – the gravy was so delicious, and we didn’t manage to soak it all up with the fries that we sat there quite seriously contemplating how we would take the rest of the liquid home with us.

Fortunately for everyone around us, we decided it would be too antisocial and bizarre to decant the gravy into the empty water bottle in my bag (although we massively regretted it later). It was a really sensational dish, and one I’m looking forward to having again.

Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetRice, Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetWe ended the meal on a high note, with a delicious latte and a Pituca Nikkei – a ginger pannacotta made with coconut milk, served with pineapple and roquito salsa criolla. It was one of the best pannacottas I have ever had, and as it’s my favourite dessert, it’s not a statement I take lightly.

Latte, Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetGinger Pannacotta with Pineapple, Ceviche, Soho, Frith StreetMy dinner at Ceviche was one of the best I’ve had – and for that reason I’m giving it 5 stars. It’s a wonderful dining experience – the only drawback might be the fact that it’s usually absolutely packed, so it’s worth booking in advance.

5 Stars (5 / 5)

Ceviche Soho is located on 17 Frith Street, London, W1D 4RG.

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If that wasn’t already an awesome enough evening, we got to meet Marc Maron after his set at the Southbank Centre – I even got a photo with him! Be sure to check it out on Instagram.

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  • Marylin

    Wow that sounds like a fabulous dinner! What a great birthday present. 🙂

  • This looks like a great dinner. Fantastic birthday present.

  • JasminCharlotte

    This looks sooo good. I have been wanting to go here for ageees but the boyf isn’t a big fish fan, I really need to make a trip though soon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Thanks Jasmin! It’s absolutely delicious, I really recommend it. I always leave tapas and places with small plates for dinner with the girls – less complaining about portion size, I find! 🙂 xxx