Cane & Grain, Manchester

Last weekend I popped up to my university town of Manchester for a rather messy reunion with some friends.

Cane & Grain, ManchesterCane & Grain, Manchester

The weather was absolutely glorious, and in Manchester, you can always be sure of a good night out. A little too good, in my case – I was feeling particularly fragile after dancing the night away, and was in desperate need of a hangover cure.

Cane & Grain, ManchesterCane & Grain, ManchesterCane & Grain, Manchester

We’d heard great things about Cane & Grain, but it was when we took a look at the menu that we knew it was just what the doctor ordered – fries with delicious toppings, wings, burgers, shakes – the works.

Cane & Grain, ManchesterCane & Grain, Manchester

The cocktail list also looked good, although we were in no state to be ordering anything of the kind, and stuck to coffee.

Between the two of us, we had the hot wings, smoked corn on the cob, truffle cheese fries, and jalapeno hush puppies – a fried jalapeno and cheese ball. We decided to be vaguely healthy, too, and ordered the sauteed greens and beans as an afterthought.

Cane & Grain, ManchesterCane & Grain, ManchesterCane & Grain, Manchester

Everything really hit the spot – the truffle cheese fries were a highlight, as were the sauteed greens and beans, which are definitely worth getting!

Cane & Grain, ManchesterCane & Grain, Manchester

It was all absolutely delicious, and a brilliant hangover remedy – between us, the meal cost £12 each, which was a total bargain. I’d definitely recommend you pop in for an American-style meal if you’re ever in the Northern Quarter!

Cane & Grain, Manchester

We also popped into Fig & Sparrow for a coffee, which was lovely – although prepare to be tempted by all the amazing stock in their shop, it’s all very hard to resist.

Fig + Sparrow, ManchesterFig + Sparrow, ManchesterFig + Sparrow, ManchesterFig + Sparrow, ManchesterFig + Sparrow, Manchester

Have you been to Manchester? Where are some of your favourite places to eat? Be sure to comment belowor let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

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  • This all looks incredible! My mouth is watering now… I also love the lights at Fig + Sparrow, they’re so cool!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    • It really was – thanks Jess! Everything at Fig + Sparrow was so cute, I want it all in my house! xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Wow, I wasnt sure what to me more shocked at, lack of rain in Manchester or seeing sunshine ha… seriously though, the food looked incredible in Cane and Grain x

    • I know – I couldn’t believe my luck! The food was so delicious too, a perfect weekend all in all! xx

  • I really like Manchester but I haven’t been in ages. This place sounds like the perfect hangover cure

    • Thanks, Suze! I hadn’t been in ages, either – it really was just what I needed after a big night out! xx

  • Mehreen A

    Fabulous pics! Loving the look of those truffle cheese fries 🙂

    • Thanks Mehreen! 🙂 They were glorious – perfect for hangover cravings! xx

  • Hi there, lovely pictures. I never been to Manchester, I would like to visit someday.

    • Thanks, Anna! You definitely should – it’s such a great night out, and so many lovely restaurants and cafes! x

  • Mindy

    Nice blog and fabulous pics ! Thanks for sharing

  • This all looks so amazing! Love Manchester, so many great places to eat (and drink!).

  • The food scene in Manchester is insanely good, I need to head back to the Northern Quarter soon it’s such a cool part of town.

    Emma Inks

    • It’s so good, isn’t it? I wish it had been this good when I was up there for uni! xx

  • Wow the food at Cane & Grain looks like heaven and the perfect hangover tonic !! I’m from Manchester but haven’t heard of this foodie joint b4. Will be sure to check it out next time i’m back!

    • Ooh you definitely should! I went to uni there, and since I’ve left the food scene (especially in the Northern Quarter) has really upped its game! xxx

  • I’ll have to give Cane & Grain a try next time I’m in Manchester. I really like the coffee in Fig & Sparrow and you’re right, the shop is well curated. There’s always so many things I’d love to buy from there.