Batch Cooking Tips with John Lewis

With everything that I’ve been working on recently, like my book – which you can find out more about here – I’ve been focusing less on restaurant reviews, and more on honing the skills I learned at Leiths.

With all the travelling I’ve been doing, I’m also working hard to make sure I’m saving where I can – and that means eating in, having friends over for dinner instead of going out, and meal planning.

Batch Cooking - John Lewis

A couple of weeks ago, the team from John Lewis invited me down to the Waitrose Cookery School for a batch cookery masterclass. The evening covered the fundamentals of batch cooking, and how it can help to save time, money and energy. We sampled pizzas and shakshuka, and ended up taking away our own pasta sauce and fresh pasta.

While John Lewis have their own batch cooking tips here, I wanted to add a few of my own, and how it’s helped me save time and money, without sacrificing flavour or the experience!

1) Food Processor

Batch Cooking - John LewisBatch Cooking - John Lewis

My Magimix has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The quality is excellent, and having a robust food processor can save on so much time in cutting vegetables and prepping sauces. It’s a little bit of an investment, but it’s completely transformed my home cooking – whether its for sauces, or making dough, I love how its elevated my cooking.

2) Making Your Own Pasta

My housemate gave me a pasta machine for Christmas, and I’ve consistently used it once a week since – the quality of a fresh egg pasta really can’t be beat! Once I’ve made the strands, I freeze the nests to use at a later date, saving tons of time and money.

Batch Cooking - John Lewis

3) The Right Storage

I might be Tupperware queen, but having the right storage is so important in meal planning! I used to rely so much on the plastic tubs you’d get from the takeaways, but investing in jars, and something a little more sturdy and robust really can help make storing and saving food simpler.

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I was invited to the cookery class for the purposes review. However, if I hadn't enjoyed it I wouldn't have written about it :)
  • I love my nagimix too. Dunno what I’d do without it. I love batch cooking for meals to take out the freezer when we need 🙂

  • Jenny Kearney

    I don’t batch cooking as my freezer is always full, I love the idea of it though.