Bank holiday weekend, Manchester

I took advantage of the long weekend to visit my friends back in Manchester, where I went to university. Although it’s only just over two hours from London on the train, I hadn’t been back for five months or so due to how expensive the trains are. It was a short, sweet and messy visit – it brought back a lot of memories. Manchester was the perfect place to be a student in – big enough to always have something new and exciting but cosier than London, and definitely more affordable which is great when you’re on a student budget.

We spent the days enjoying picnics in the sun and revisiting old haunts at night. Fab Cafe is always a good shout – great 80s/90s/00s music and decor (my favourite fixture being the Dr. Who police box/tardis in the corner) as well as table football – everything you need for a good night out if we’re being honest.

Noho Manchester On Sunday night we swung by Noho on Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter. Free entrance, more amazing music and completely unpretentious, it’s a really nice bar and really good fun. I only managed to get some pictures as I walked past it the next morning but in the evening the shutters are up, and it is packed to the brim with Honey (the film) projected on the wall (when I was there, anyway).

Noho ManchesterAnd of course I couldn’t go back to Manchester without popping by Trof for a fried breakfast. Trof Northern Quarter They do a mean latte, the right level of milkyness and coffee for my taste and the best fried vegetarian breakfast I’ve ever had. It’s the only place I’d consider getting a veggie fried breakfast as I’m particularly partial to bacon but they do it so well, and you don’t get the meat sweats which aren’t particularly pleasant on a hangover. They get extra points for their menus, too.Trof latteTrof vegetarian breakfast

dolly menu trof

The city centre was looking good too, with a wheel that wasn’t there the last time I was up! Manchester you were glorious, and I’ll be back soon.