Barbecoa, St. Paul’s

I like to think I’m a pretty organised person. If I was really on it, though, I would’ve combined a visit to the Cathedral Lates with a meal at Barbecoa by St. Paul’s.

Barbecoa, St. PaulsBarbecoa, St. Pauls

Barbecoa is another feather in Jamie Oliver’s cap – a steakhouse, focusing on slowcooked and dry aged meat. The kitchen at the St. Paul’s Barbecoa has a Robata grill and a Texas pit smoker, too.

It’s worth going for the view alone – I had no idea you could get such an incredible view of St. Paul’s Cathedral while tucking into a delicious steak.

Barbecoa, St. Pauls

Barbecoa was full of surprises – like the fact that they have the largest collection of whiskeys in London, tucked away in a little room.

Barbecoa, St. PaulsBarbecoa, St. Pauls

We started off with the duck croquettes, which were so good it was the first thing my friend texted me about the following morning. Perfectly crisp on the outside, they practically melted in your mouth – and the plum ketchup was tart without being bitter. Absolute perfection.

Barbecoa, St. Pauls

Given that we were both planning to tuck into some steaks and sides we split a starter, and went for the sticky creole ribs.

Barbecoa, St. PaulsBarbecoa, St. Pauls

Unless they’re from the Rusty Keyhole in Kampot, I’m not the biggest fan of ribs, but I did enjoy these – the apple and kohlrabi slaw in particular.

Barbecoa, St. PaulsBarbecoa, St. Pauls

My dinner date opted for the sirloin with wood-grilled tomatoes, marjoram and capezzana. I went for the fillet, served with bone marrow, smoked bearnaise and a herb salad.

Barbecoa, St. PaulsBarbecoa, St. PaulsBarbecoa, St. Pauls

I much preferred my accompaniments, but I wish I had substituted the fillet for the sirloin. The bone marrow was deliciously buttery, and I also asked for a wild mushroom gravy to go with the dish, too.

Barbecoa, St. PaulsBarbecoa, St. Pauls

Having said that, I really enjoyed my dish – the steak was cooked beautifully, the fries were crispy and the wine (a 2015 Crystallum Pinot Noir) was delicious. We popped in on a Wednesday, where we managed to get 30% off of the wine, so it’s worth looking into if you do decide to go.

Barbecoa, St. Pauls

By the time we managed to battle our way through the steaks we were far too stuffed for dessert, so made the most of the view before having another little explore of the venue. The staff were really helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about all of the whiskeys, and they had some that were a hundred years old!

Barbecoa, St. Pauls

All in all I was pleasantly surprised and had a wonderful time at Barbecoa, and would definitely recommend it if you’re in the area – be sure to pop in to the cathedral first!

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WAH Nails

For my birthday this year my amazing colleagues surprised me with a ‘Treat Yo Self’ package from WAH Nails.

WAH Nails

For those of you who don’t know WAH, its basically nail heaven. I’ve probably spent hours of my life on their Instagram account – they have some seriously talented artists working there.

A post shared by WAH Nails London (@wahnails) on

A post shared by WAH Nails London (@wahnails) on

Needless to say I was beyond excited about my visit – especially as the Treat Yo Self package also includes a glass of bubbly, and a WAH gift.

WAH Nails

My advice for your visit to WAH – come prepared. I usually go into a nail salon not really knowing what I want, and end up choosing a colour on a whim – it usually works out. This isn’t the case at WAH at all – luckily, I arrived 15 minutes early to my appointment and had time to have a browse through their Instagram feed, but everyone comes prepared. It’s because it really isn’t your usual nail salon – the artists are so talented, and are capable of doing so much – you’re not there to just get French tips. I found the choice totally overwhelming, and I’ll definitely come better prepared next time!

I ended up going for gel nails, with foils in three different colours and was in love with the result.

WAH NailsWAH NailsWAH Nails

It’s been over three weeks now, and my manicure has lasted through Wilderness festival, a weekend of outdoor swimming, and all the cooking I do on a regular basis. I don’t know what witchcraft they have going on there, but it’s so worth it.

WAH NailsWAH Nails

As for my gift, I ended up with a couple of cute new WAH branded polishes, and a set of cute press ons (perfect for when I get the gels removed).

While it’s a little too pricey to be my usual spot, I’d definitely recommend the experience for a special occasion – it’s so worth it!

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Summer Lates at St. Paul’s Cathedral

I’ve been incredibly lucky the past couple of years to work for an amazing company that I absolutely love.

St. Paul's LatesSt. Paul's Lates

A massive part of why I love it so much is that I get to work with an amazing range of charities, nonprofits and foundations. Over the past couple of years we’ve been lucky enough to work with one of the most iconic landmarks of the London skyline – St. Paul’s Cathedral.

A couple of weeks ago I went along to help out with one of their Summer Lates. There’s nothing quite like the dome, but before I started working with them I hadn’t actually ever made it inside. As a Londoner, you don’t really ever do tours of your own town, and it’s such a missed opportunity.

St. Paul's LatesSt. Paul's LatesSt. Paul's LatesSt. Paul's Lates

The lates are a great way of exploring this iconic cathedral – it’s a bit quieter, and they actively encourage photography during this time – something which isn’t usually allowed.

St. Paul's LatesSt Paul's CathedralSt Paul's Cathedral

You can grab a touchscreen guide, and there are lots of things for kids to do as well. The highlight for me is the Crypt Cafe, which stays open for the duration of the lates, which is great if you fancy a cappuccino (but they also have beer, too!)

There are only a few lates left until the summer ends, so hop to it! They’re on from 6.30 – 9pm (last entry at 8.15) and adult tickets are a tenner. The dome galleries aren’t open, but the crypt and the cathedral floor are there to be explored.

Thursday 17th August

Thursday 24th August

Friday 25th August 

Monday 28th August

Thursday 31st August

To find out more, and grab yourself a ticket, make sure you check out their website here.

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Herman Ze German

I used to work right by Charlotte Street, and that made lunchtimes incredibly dangerous for my bank balance. It’s gotten even better since I stopped working around there – I love The Ninth, and you are spoilt for choice in that neighbourhood (Pied a Terre is another fantastic restaurant).

Neither of which are that friendly to your bank balance, so if you’re up for something a little more casual I’d head on down to Herman Ze German.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

It’s fairly casual, and not a first date kinda place – but it’s the perfect venue to take an old friend, and catch up over a couple of beers and some good food.

I’m always a fan of eating family-style, and sharing a few dishes. We went slightly overboard, but the staff were great about packing it all up afterwards (you can get it all to go, if you prefer) so lunch was sorted for the next few days. Winning.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

My favourite dish of the lot was Ze Wilde Bock Roll – bockwurst, curry sauce, crispy onions in a light roll with some chips on the side. The flavours and textures were so satisfying, and I would definitely go back again for this dish alone.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

The chicken schnitzel sandwich was the favourite dish of my lunch date, who isn’t as into curry sauce as I am.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

It still didn’t stop her from ordering the pommes spezial as a side – chips topped with crispy onions, curry sauce and mayo.

Did I mention we went slightly overboard? We also went for one of their wursts in a roll, which was absolutely delicious, although I much preferred the texture of Ze Wilde Bock Roll.

Herman Ze GermanHerman Ze German

The only disappointing dish for us was off of their brunch menu – the Big Faddi Bumbaladdi. A leberkase sausage patty with a fried egg and cheese, served in a bun – the meat was slightly overprocessed for us, and I wasn’t a fan of the texture.

Herman Ze German

Overall I really enjoyed my Herman Ze German experience – it’s affordable, excellent food, and a great place to grab lunch.

Have you been to Herman Ze German? What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram

Pop Up India, Proud East

Last week I popped back to Proud East, this time to check out Pop Up India.

Proud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up India

Now I really enjoyed myself at their Pop Up Japan launch, but if anything their Pop Up India is better.

Proud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up India

I didn’t get to experience any of their events this time (Nomad Cinema are showing Bollywood films every week, and they have classes like henna, Bollywood dance, yoga and live music), but after dinner we had a few goes on the ping pong tables, which is always fun.

The food was unbelievable. Proud East have partnered with Chit Chaat Chai for the pop up, and the street food-inspired menu was phenomenal.

Proud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up India

The vegetarian options in particular were really outstanding – I wholeheartedly recommend the yoghurt puri (semolina balls filled with yoghurt) as well as the okra fries, the samosa chaat (vegetarian samosas in a chickpea sauce, topped with various chutneys) and the fusion chilli paneer.

Proud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up India

I was slightly underwhelmed by the keema pau – spiced lamb mince served in little buns – the texture didn’t really do anything for me, and in comparison to the other dishes it really didn’t stand out.

Proud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up India

If you’re thirsty, I’d really recommend their lychee martinis.

Proud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up IndiaProud East - Pop Up India

Pop Up India is on until September 26th, so get yourself down there!

Have you been to any Proud East pop ups? Be sure to comment below, or let me know on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram