Atariya sushi bar, Swiss Cottage

On Friday, Mr. A and I went out for dinner to celebrate. With a massive craving for toro we decided to go to Atariya, in Swiss Cottage. I’ve been familiar with Atariya in the past, as they have several Japanese supermarkets dotted around London, which I frequent to stock up on all my Japanese condiments and supplies. The Atariya group also supplies restaurants with their sashimi so I knew that at the very least, their sushi bar would have the freshest produce.Atariya swiss cottage

I had really worked myself up all day on Friday, getting overly excited for all the uni (sea urchin) and toro I was going to eat that night. Toro is the fatty part of the tuna, and it’s buttery texture and flavour makes it highly sought after (and rather pricey). Toro, in my opinion, is even better than the juiciest, rarest steak – and there is little else I like more than a good steak.

So I was absolutely gutted when the waitress told me that they had run out of toro and uni for the day. Luckily, Atariya sushi bar impressed me enough to give it a good review – I was able to (somehow) overcome my devastation.

All the fish was amazingly fresh, and perfectly prepared – the sushi rice still slightly warm, at the perfect temperature, and everything was absolutely divine. Of course, I already knew that – the second I walked in, I could see that the restaurant was full of Japanese people, which is always a good sign, and surprisingly quite a rare sight to see in London.

atariya swiss cottage

Japanese businessmen, always a sign of a good sushi bar.

seaweed salad

Seaweed saladeel Eel

black cod rolls

Black cod rolls

salmon nigiri

Salmon nigiri

atariya sushi

Clockwise: natto (fermented soybean) rolls, spicy tuna rolls, salmon avocado rolls.

takoyakiThey did amazing takoyaki – fried and battered octopus, covered in sauce and mayonnaise resting on a bed of cabbage.

We had our meal with a bottle of red, and sampled some of their desserts. I had matcha and vanilla flavoured mochi ice cream (sticky rice cakes filled with ice cream), while Mr. A tried the red bean (azuki) ice cream.Mochi ice cream

I was particularly fond of the black cod rolls and the spicy tuna. We also had several plates of karage (Japanese fried chicken) and several dishes that we were absolutely stuffed by the end of it. Atariya was quite reasonable when you consider the quality of the ingredients, and I couldn’t find fault with any of the dishes. It’s quite an informal atmosphere, so while I was quite dressed up there’s really no need to be! For a delicious, simple and traditional Japanese dining experience in London you can’t get much better than Atariya. I’ll definitely be back – to sample their toro and uni, this time!

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