Artillery – Eating Clean in Phnom Penh

With all the fresh produce and incredible fruit you can find in the markets of Phnom Penh, it’s quite easy to eat healthily – but I was in Cambodia over the Christmas season, and with all the usual Christmas treats combined with tropical cocktails I wasn’t feeling particularly tiptop.

Artillery, Phnom PenhArtillery, Phnom PenhArtillery, Phnom Penh

Enter ARTillery cafe – calls of ‘healthy’, ‘organic’, ‘homemade’, and, of course, ‘free wifi’ drew me down a charming little alley on Street 240 (note: in the same alley you can find Public House, Bar Sito and Alley Cafe). Artillery is a teal-coloured mecca of superfoods, juices and all manner of clean-eating. Vegans, health fanatics and coeliacs rejoice, as Artillery Cafe will have something for you.

Hummus, Artillery, Phnom PenhVitamin Vitalizer, Artillery, Phnom Penh

I ordered a Vitamin Vitalizer juice (carrot, ginger, lime and apple), and grazed on some homemade hummus as I waited for my lunch companion. I’m pretty particular about my hummus, and I was pleased with Artillery’s offering – even more pleased by the stacked vegetables.

Hummus, Artillery, Phnom Penh

My friend ordered the Phnom Penher smoothie – a blend of dragonfruit, lemongrass, ginger, lime and honey, which left me with drink envy for the rest of the meal. It’s not the prettiest of smoothies, but my god is it delicious.

Phnom Penher, Artillery Cafe

For my main, I went for the raw pizza, as everything on the raw menu was gluten-free (as well as dairy-free, sugar-free and meat-free). My raw pizza consisted of sun-dried tomatoes and nut cheese on a flax and almond crust, topped with some assorted greens. It was crisp, sharp and refreshing – but nothing at all like a pizza – I think of it more as a crispbread.

Raw Pizza, Artillery, Phnom PenhDSC01244

My friend went for a seasonal special – a brown rice bowl topped with kombu, local vegetables, sesame seeds and cabbage.

Brown Rice Bowl, Artillery, Phnom Penh

For my next visit, I’m really keen to try the breakfast menu – gluten-free pancakes, muesli with a Clean Green (apple, mint, spinach) sounds right up my street.

For fresh juice and a guilt-free dining experience you can’t beat Artillery for their vast selection. But for those who don’t consider a meal complete without some meat (like all the men in my family) then Artillery might not be the place for you.

ARTillery cafe can be found on Street 240 1/2 laneway, near St 19
behind Wat Botum, near the Royal Palace, or at their second location on Street 278 #13B, near St 63, close to Wat Lanka, behind Lucky Market Sihanouk.

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)