A Weekend in Wales

When the team at Visit Wales invited me to spend a weekend in Bangor, I was very excited – but I don’t think I could have pictured just how amazing it was all going to be.

Menai BridgeMenai BridgeMy holidays are usually based around food, beaches, museums, and architecture – I’ve never really gone on an adventure holiday before, and really wasn’t sure what to expect. In the original brief, I was going to be spending a weekend in Bangor, going on a high-speed RIB ride around the Menai Strait – and it was only as an afterthought that an afternoon on a zipline course was added, too.

Menai Strait RIB RideMenai Strait RIB RideMenai Strait RIB RideMenai Strait RIB RideI hadn’t really appreciated how stunning this part of the world is. Dramatic, snow capped scenery surrounded us on the RIB ride – a high-speed journey that had our hearts racing.

I really enjoyed the ride, which combined a little bit of local history and sightseeing along with some manoeuvres that had me digging my nails into the seat! I managed to snag the very front of the boat for the last few minutes, and was fully convinced that I was going to fly out of the boat at any moment.

Menai Strait RIB RideMenai Strait RIB RideMenai Strait RIB RideAfter a windy trip we headed for a bite to eat at Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn in Beaumaris, where we tried some of the amazing locally sourced seafood.

Menai Strait RIB RideMenai Strait RIB RideMenai Strait RIB RideIt was only over dinner that I looked at the itinerary for the next day – and my heart almost stopped.

I was expecting something along the lines of what I’d experienced a few months before at Go Ape. What I was not expecting was that Penrhyn Quarry is home to Zip World, the longest zipline in Europe. Not only that, but I would be five hundred feet in the air, at 100 miles per hour. As someone who is terrified of heights, the thought of what I had just signed myself up for filled me with total, utter fear.

Zip World UK, WalesZip World UK, WalesIt was only with a lot of encouragement from my boyfriend that I even managed to get there at all, I was so petrified. Even once I arrived, I remained unconvinced – I burst into tears around three times just at the thought!

First up was the Little Zipper (which is still the fifth biggest zip line in Europe!) I was so, so scared, but the staff at Zip World were so professional, and really reassuring, that once I got going I was able to enjoy zipping over the trees, and I felt like I was flying.

Zip World UK, Wales
The biggest challenge, though, was the Big Zipper – even the drive up to the top of the quarry was making me feel dizzy, and once I got up to the top I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it.

Zip World UK, WalesZip World UK, Wales
Despite all the tears, and all of the fear, I did it! It was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I still can’t quite believe I managed it.

I keep finding myself watching the video of me doing it over and over again – it is something I will never forget.

Zip World UK, WalesZip World UK, WalesI had an absolutely amazing weekend in Wales, and had such an incredible time! It was truly unforgettable, and I can’t wait to go back.

I was invited to Wales, and to try the zip line and RIB ride for the purposes of review – all opinions are fully my own!

  • OMG you’re brave I’d be too scared to do the zip line!

    • Thanks, Angie! It was REALLY terrifying but so much fun – I loved every second (afterwards, not before!!) xxx

  • Oh wow, I would be so scared, but would LOVE to do this!!! I live not too far from Wales too, might visit one day 🙂

    • You definitely should, Justina! It was a trip of a lifetime, especially with the zip line – I’ll never forget it! xx

  • They say it’s good to do something that scares you every day! Good for you, the zip wire sounds amazing. We used to go on holiday in Wales when we were children and I’d love to return

    • Thanks, Suze! It definitely scared me enough for a year at least! It was an incredible experience – I never realised how lovely it was around there, I can’t wait to go back! xx

  • Beautifully Travelled

    Hi Erin sounds like you had an epic weekend! We actually briefly met at the back.of the RIB. I didn’t realise you were a fellow blogger! I’m glad visit Wales didn’t take me on the zip line. I would have died! I am so scared of heights. We walked up to Snowdonia instead. X Katharina

    • Hi Katharina, I had an inkling but didn’t want to ask!! Snowdonia looks beautiful – it was so so scary but I would do it again in a heartbeat – I’ll never forget it! xxx

  • This sounds like an amazing weekend!! I really want to explore more of Wales!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • You faced your fear and you loved it when you finished so good on you! I still want to visit Wales and will add this to my list of places to go! x

    • erin.niimi

      Thanks Shareen! You definitely should, I had an incredible weekend! xx

    • Thanks Shareen! I still can’t believe I did it! You should definitely go sometime, I had such a great weekend! xx

  • I haven’t visited Wales before however my partner was actually at a stag do in Wales over the weekend. Glad you enjoyed your trip, seems like you had a great time that’s for sure.

    You lovely in your furry hat by the way 🙂

    A great read and some lovely photographs!

    Laura xo


    • erin.niimi

      Thank you so much, Laura! I had sucha great time – and I LOVE that hat, it doesn’t have a top so it means it doesn’t give me hat hair! xx

    • Thank you so much, Laura! I had such a great time – you would love it! And I LOVE that hat! It doesn’t have a top, so it means no hat hair 🙂 xx