A Day at Selfridges

It all started because of the heat.A Day at Selfridges

My Japanese grandmother is in town, and the heat of the city was beginning to get to us. Yes, it is hotter and more humid in Japan, but all the buildings are heavily air-conditioned, and our tiny flat had nothing of the sort. So we got the train into central London in search of cooler air, afternoon tea and souvenirs, and ended up at Selfridges. My grandmother made a beeline for the Cath Kidston section, which seems to be wildly popular in Japan – the kitschy flower and retro-style prints that are so quintessentially British have a great appeal over there. If you are ever in doubt as to what to buy a Japanese high-school girl, Cath Kidston would be a pretty safe bet.

It got a bit dangerous once we discovered that the department store accepted Japanese yen. As a late birthday present I was treated to a Michael Kors Selma handbag. For Christmas I’d been given the Jet Set Travel Tote, which I am rarely without – however its large size often meant I was filling it with unnecessary things, and the lack of a zipper always made me slightly nervous on the tube, so the Selma was a welcome addition.Michael Kors Selma I also got myself a new pair of loafers from Office. I bought some Oxblood ones for work last year and wore them until they got unbelieveably tatty. These grey ones are perfect – comfy, cute, and great for the office. The colour is unusual too, but not too ‘out there’ for work. Office loafer extravaganza

We moseyed round for a couple of hours and headed up to Aubaine on the second floor for a few refreshments.

A Day at Selfridges A Day at Selfridges

It was a really lovely atmosphere – we shared a pot of the Ceylan, and I had a couple of mini macarons. My grandmother had a scone and it was all delicious. The lunch menu looked amazing too, I’d definitely want to go back!Tea at SelfridgesScones at SelfridgesMacarons at SelfridgesAubaine, Selfridges Aubaine at Selfridges

I had a really lovely time at Selfridges – although we went midweek during the summer holidays, it was definitely calmer and less crowded (and not as full of tourists!) as some of the other department stores can get during this season.